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Trouble: Samsung refrigerator after the maintenance has become a "big voice"
2012-06-26 by seoer9

Samsung refrigerator, repaired to solve the cooling problem, but it became a "big voice," Mr. Yang headache.

In July 2007, he spent more than 3900 yuan to buy a Samsung BCD-252MJVS three refrigerators. "This refrigerator look good, sound light, has been very comfortable to use with."

However, in March of this year, Yang found that the refrigerator is a problem. Cooling all of a sudden become very strong, cold rooms and freezer, the cracking of the eggs. "Call Samsung customer service hotline 8008105858, requests for maintenance.

A few days later, the Samsung refrigerator Hangzhou special maintenance at home maintenance personnel, and carried away a peanut sheller

Issued April 5, special repair place sent refrigerator repaired. Before them, and I mentioned the maintenance of the sound of the refrigerator may become ring, but I spent two or three days and found the refrigerator cooling sound too great, has affected the rest of me and my family. "

Yang repair again to solve the noise problem. April 24, maintenance staff told me that repaired, I went to listen to the noise. I went to a special repair at one, feel that there is no improvement, or so loud, I ask them to continue maintenance until the noise is reduced to normal state. "

Samsung refrigerator Hangzhou Authorized Service Agency staff said Miss Zhou, Yang refrigerator is indeed in their maintenance. Before servicing to customers to remind, after repairs, the sound may become sound. This is because the maintenance of the refrigeration system will be re-poured into the cooling liquid, and debug the solenoid valve, which will cause the refrigerator to run the state and the factory when occurrence of inconsistent sound bigger repair is a very common situation, most customers could accept. "

Taking into account the Yang troubled, Miss Zhou commitment will continue and the company, try to solve this problem.

For the refrigerator, how much noise is normal? Yesterday (April 18, 2009), the reporter consulted WANG Ji-liang, director of the Hangzhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision maintenance industry supervision and management of the office.

Director Wang pointed out that according to regulations promulgated by the state on August 1, 2006 "Household and similar electrical appliances noise limits, the following refrigerator noise limit of 250 liters of 45-47 dB. Distance of about 1 m from this reference value, consumers should not hear the sound of compressor valve operation.

However, the measurement of noise has a strict environmental constraints, "Specifically, the refrigerator placed flat uneven within the various partitions in place and other factors will affect the size of refrigerator noise in actual use. Consumers If the refrigerator noise, you can go to the authority of the department for testing, and then compare the instructions on the product technical indicators, you can draw an accurate judgment. "

Afternoon yesterday (April 18, 2009), the Samsung customer service staff feedback reporters, Samsung agree with Mr. Yang's pallet wrapper requirements have been informed Hangzhou at the authorized service to replace the refrigerator as soon as possible a new compressor, and once again carry out maintenance, debugging and strive to minimize the noise.


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