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Developed mechanical describes how to improve the particle production quality of
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With the development of swine and sheep and chickens and other livestock feed particle machine is even more popular. More than just specializing in the production of feed machinery manufacturers now focus on the use of feed particle machine, some of my farming friends started buying feed particle machine, feed processing. Developed machinery to come to introduce the particles should be noted that local production.

(A) granulating process materials Can be extruded through the die depends on the size of the pressure and friction can be generated in the die hole. Between this material and the die wall friction coefficient, the moisture content of raw material particle size, temperature, material plasticity deformation part of the buffer time and material compressibility, these features closely related to the die hole depth and pore size. In general, the die aperture Compression ratio should be 1:8 to 1:13. Die compression than small, short effective length of the die hole, the material in the die hole formation pressure is small, easy extrusion ring mold, therefore, high yield, but the system out of loose particles, containing flour yield, appearance not smooth; contrary compression the longer the effective length of the hole, the greater the pressure of the material in the die hole corresponding system out of the particles close high, smooth particles of good quality can be reduced with flour yield, but the particle block forming machine production will decline, of course, tons of power consumption also increased. Proper control of the pressure roller and the die gap. Roll die gap is too small, easy to wear and tear of the die and the pressure roller, and the ultra-noise; gap is too large, the impact of material extrusion. General control in the 0.05 ~ 0.30mm. Available adjustment feeler gauge feeler visual.

(B) Generally speaking, when the particle machine running smoothly normal, full steam supply, feed gate open all the feeder speed is transferred to the rating of the main motor work is always up to less than the rated value, you can determine the incoming inadequate flow, then the reasons should be identified, argue disease and treatment. In order to make the particles machine does not pause to evenly work at full capacity, must make the material flow into the particle machine need to meet the granulation, the feed structure effectively eliminates the feed intermittent due to agglomeration. In the actual production, the stability of the material flow by adjusting the feeder, it is reasonable to a buffer silo mounted directly on top of the particle machine, if you do not set the buffer positions, or between buffer positions and feeding from the longer even tube (0.5m), it is difficult to guarantee feeding amount stable. .

(C) raw materials is also certain important aspects of the effect of the impact of granulation, a higher starch content of materials susceptible to steam gelatinization, these materials after quenching and tempering, the viscosity, the particles forming. High crude fiber content of raw materials, adding a certain amount of fat, can reduce the friction between the material and the ring die in the granulation, is conducive to the material through the ring mold, and forming particles than the smooth appearance. The crushed raw material particle size determines the surface area of ??the feed composition, the finer the granularity, the greater the surface area, the material absorbs the faster the water in the steam, which will help the material quenched and tempered, easy granulation forming. Granulation perspective, fine grinding, pelleting strength, but add more steam, the viewer is not aware of easy-blocking machine and raw materials crushed too small, resulting in crushing power consumption too high. Granularity is too coarse, increase the ring mold and press the stick wear and tear, granulating forming difficult, especially the small aperture ring mold to shape it more difficult, and caused the gelatinization effect of poor material, resulting in high material consumption, low output, the particles containing the powder high.

Developed pallet wrapping machine production of the "developed" brand series of biomass energy particles machinery and equipment, granulating sets of unit equipment, crushing equipment, wood pellet machine, drying equipment, cooling equipment and packaging equipment, straw particle machine has reached the international advanced level, the products have passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification and CE certification. Machinery and Industry Department of Shandong Province, the State Technical Supervision Bureau and Jinan City Technical Supervision has identified as a quality product. Every year since the founding of the company was awarded the honorary title of "quality advanced unit" and "Quality Trustworthy Unit", and was recognized as a national quality, reputation, service AAA level enterprise, quickly covering the domestic market and exported to EU countries and the United States, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Russia, Ukraine, etc. over 90 countries and regions.

The company has always pursued "quality first, reputation first" principle, the spirit of "quality of survival, to development," the purpose, developed machinery to play to their advantage, and gradually expand the scale. Future development will redouble their efforts in technical innovation, research and development of products by domestic and foreign customers, to lead the industry.

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