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automatic packaging machine widely used in the food flavoring industry
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Automatic packaging orange juicing machine, granule, powder, liquid and tablet four major categories is divided into different uses. Wide range of applications in the food flavoring industry seasoning: soy sauce, vinegar, packaging, salt, white sugar, the small sizes of the sauce and pepper, aniseed wrapped; specific description:

(1) soy sauce, vinegar and packaging

Soy sauce, vinegar can be regarded as representative of the liquid seasoning, such condiments There are many, such as wine and flavored oil. The planned economy era, the glass used to dominate the soy sauce, vinegar and packaging, it can be said, since the liquid seasoning or glass containers last one of the few pieces of position. Glass does have its advantages, transparency, good barrier properties, low price, easy re-use.

Happening in recent years, great changes have glass pattern of world domination has been broken, plastic bags, PET bottles and concave barrel have entered into the liquid condiment market.

PET bottles and glass bottles on the scale and capacity is similar, but compared to the glass more light and better gloss, and for repeated use of the cap; PE barrels generally have larger capacity, suitable for the relatively fast consumption occasions, repeated closures together is also very good; Xing bags provide a better economy.

Glass bottles still dominates, but it is worth mentioning that used to be glass bottles on a single crown cap seal forms have changed. It can be said that the non-reusable seal crown caps, is the Achilles' heel of the glass bottles. A lot of glass in the lid has been improved, switch to a plastic cap for ease of use. Some manufacturers in the crown cap sealed glass bottleneck hang a one plastic beneficial crown cover is open only plastic cover can be replaced by repeated use.

Small volume of liquid condiments such as mustard oil, chili oil and some high-grade raw food and soy sauce, is still mainly in glass bottles, but all the plastic cap, this market does not yet ideal alternative packaging.

Sugar and salt packaging

The packaging of sauce thick divided into two categories: bags and bottles. Low sauce wrapped with plastic packaging. Some high-end sauces such as chili sauce, tomato sauce, all kinds of jam, so the glass bottles with a plastic cover to facilitate the repeated opening and closing. Some sauce added aluminum sealing film, and to extend shelf life. Shaped bottles appear on the packaging of some high-end sauces, such as salad dressing. The small sizes of the sauce, such as fast food restaurants use tomato sauce, etc., basically used in the aluminum plastic composite packaging.

The latest progress in some sauce to start using plastic composite packaging, such as hoisin sauce, meat sauce, etc. These packages not only beautifully printed, you can also extend shelf life, but still does not solve the problem of secondary sealing, consumers purchase, such as eating finished, still need to own for packaging; the other is the growing number of plastic bottles, wide mouth PET bottles used in the jam, sesame and other packaging, salad dressing is mostly PET bottles. Country to introduce wide-mouth PET bottle production line, mainly because the demand for smaller, but the transition to high-end products with the sauce food, PET jars is expected to become such spices the main form of powder packing machine.

(3) sauce packaging

Sugar, salt used to use cloth bags to do the packing, especially large-scale transport packaging. However, plastic is the main form of the sales package. Over the years, little change in terms of packaging specifications

In recent years, the types of salt have been some changes, some of the features of iodized salt and other salt products entering the market, has become mainstream, salt packaging adds a text description of the requirements. The packaging also began to transform from a single plastic bag packaging, carton packaging began to appear.

Foreign salt product packaging has been inclined to carton packaging, which is the seasoning salt packaging innovations toward.

Sugar packaging is still mainly in plastic bags, but the trend is clearly tend to paper bag. It is more in line with environmental requirements, is a trend of packaging; is losing the functionality of another paper, has high strength and good resistance to moisture, printing, bag technology has made substantial progress.

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