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The similarities and differences of 36 domestic and international food packaging machinery
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Food powder packing machine machinery in China started in the late 1970s of the last century, the annual output of only seven or eight million dollars, only more than 100 kinds of product variety. Past five years, the food and packaging machinery industry, an annual average growth rate of 11% to 12% higher than the national growth rate, total sales increased from $ 150 billion in 1994 to 30 billion yuan in 2000, product variety by 270 kinds of development in 1994 to 2000 of 3700 kinds.

Product level to a new level, began to scale, complete automation trends, complex transmission equipment of high technical content began to appear. It can be said of mechanical production to meet domestic demand and exports to Southeast Asia and Third World countries such as China's 2000 imports and exports totaled $ 2,737,000,000, of which exports $ 1.29 billion, compared to 1999 to improve 22.2%. Food (dairy products, cakes, meat, fruit) machine, oven, packaging, labeling machines, paper and plastic aluminum composite can production equipment and other machinery exports more varieties of export of machinery, food machinery, such as sugar, wine, beverages liquid food filling machines and other equipment has begun a complete set of export.

The current development of the world food packaging machinery

Still on the sale of food packaging, the most common and basic packaging technology There are two categories, namely, filling and wrapping. The filling method is suitable for almost all materials and all kinds of containers. Specifically, good fluidity liquid, powder, granular, mainly depends on its gravity, if necessary, supplemented by some mechanical action can be completed in the packaging process. Semiliquid or body of viscous strong large one-piece assembly, the corresponding squeeze, push, pick and place and other coercive measures. The wrapping method shows just the difference, it mainly applies to the regular shape, there is enough hard very nature, and requires tight packing single or combination, the use of flexible plastics and composite materials (and some additional lightweight tray liners), wrapping the aid of paste filling machineaction.

The past decade, the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improve the general ability of packaging machinery and packaging systems and multi-function integration capabilities to provide timely and flexible response of the means of production for the market to develop the rapid diversification of commodities. Based on reasonable actual need to simplify the method of packaging and advantages of the packaging process, continuing to explore, significantly accelerated the pace of technological innovation. In particular, the simultaneous development of modern automatic machine echoes gradually clear. To build a diverse, universal, multi-function integrated packaging machinery system, we must first focus on solving the big problem of the combination and the mechanical and electrical integration, no doubt, this is an important development in the future direction.

The gap between our country and the world powers

Less product variety and complete sets of numbers: the country mostly to produce stand-alone, while abroad, mostly in supporting the production, very few stand-alone sales. The one hand, the varieties of domestic equipment can not meet the needs of the domestic food and packaging companies, on the other hand the meager profits on the sales of stand-alone production of machinery plant, unable to obtain the high efficiency of the complete sets of equipment sales.

The low level of technology: mainly in poor reliability, slow technology updates, new technologies, new processes, the application of new materials. China's food and packaging machinery stand-alone, complete sets of more general-purpose models to meet specific requirements, special materials, equipment. More low-tech products, high-tech value-added, high-productivity products; intelligent devices is still in development phase.

Poor product quality: the gap in the quality of China's food and packaging machinery products mainly in the stability and reliability is poor, backward modeling, rough appearance, the basis and supporting life is short, short uptime, overhaul cycle is short, and the vast majority of The product has not yet developed reliability standards.

Lack of development capacity: China's food and packaging machinery or imitation, mapping, localization little improvement, not to mention research and development. The development of tools behind, the better enterprises rejection Plate Project ", but few actually use CAD. Product development, lack of innovation, more difficult to level. Backward means of production, most of the old Universal equipment for processing. New product development is not only a small number, and the long development cycle. In business management, often re-production and processing, light research and development, innovation is not enough, you can not keep up with market demand to provide products in a timely manner.

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