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modular design of packaging machinery and linear rail system
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Meet the requirements of machine tools and other orange juicing machine and equipment of modern high-precision rail system is a very challenging task: overloading and alternating load, the faster the movement, and shorter cycle times, compact size and convenient the installation of an acceptable acquisition cost and minimal maintenance costs. Automation design used in many industrial fields, the linear guide system has become a valuable tool. As a standard machine components, linear guides to meet the technical requirements. Achieve the required cost-effective.

    Today, the evaluation of the linear guide system is no longer just limited to the carrying capacity, rigidity and accuracy of technical indicators. Equally important is the ability to guard against intrusion of pollutants, minimal maintenance needs, and even classes run reliability. In order to meet such requirements, it must have a suitable sealing system, lubricant storage chamber, and long-term lubrication unit.

    Traditional linear guide systems can not all meet the above requirements. Some of them are because of technical reasons can not be achieved, others are taking into account the cost of production factors. Therefore, some specific applications designed a variety of linear guide systems to meet the requirements. For example, in some occasions using a standard linear guide, lubricant volume of less than a direct result of a significant decline in rail life. Here, the lubricant is to guide a key factor for reliable operation. Therefore, you should choose a shorter lubricant replenishment cycle, in order to prevent the rail life is impaired due to insufficient lubrication. For some serious pollution applications, the design on the face is completely different question. If not properly designed anti-fouling material of the raceway and rolling element protection, wear phenomena will be very serious.

    Standard linear guide systems are not suitable for all applications

    The use of standard linear guide systems can be grouped into two things: either limiting the scope of its use; or its converted to the appropriate seals and lubrication system - some use, but to do this difficult. The full configuration options in the face of a variety of specific use, it is necessary to introduce the concept of modular design in the design of equipment components.

    INA linear guide plant in Homburg (Saar), Germany produced the the KUVE series ball rolling linear guide system is a good example of the modular design concept. This is a four-row roller linear guide systems, suitable for a variety of existing linear guide applications in machine tool manufacturing. This linear system consists of a ball circulating bearing slider and a rail, slider after the pre-load during installation. Depending on the size and design, this linear system can be an alternative to traditional wedge-shaped guide rail and slide rail system.

    Various improvements in the design to make the the KUVE linear guide system with superior performance beyond the traditional linear guide, while maintaining a good price. This maintenance-free linear guide system matching, applied to a variety of applications.

    Modular design in order to achieve the best solution

    Modern straight ball circulation bearing and guideway assembly should have the following characteristics: high static load and dynamic load capacity, high mechanical stiffness and torsional rigidity, high running accuracy and positioning accuracy, high acceleration and speed, excellent anti-fouling material and anti-environmental interference sealing performance, low wear, low lubrication requirements and long powder packing machine intervals. Design optimization, they should be easy integrated into the design of machine tools, maintenance replacement when there is good compatibility, easy transport, easy to install.

    In order to meet these requirements, the INA engineers, especially design specifications for the further development of KUNE modular system, and has developed a full roller and pre-load model. This very compact linear guide system has a very high carrying capacity in all directions, able to withstand the torque from all directions. This is because the slider in the four-row recirculating ball contact with the raceway is two o'clock each row of the contact angle is 450.

    Deformed by the force of the linear guide system for analysis, changing the shape of the curve in order to optimize the overall stiffness of the system. Using this method, although the design of the linear guide system size is relatively small, but traditional linear guide the design of the advantages brought by the solid saddle are preserved. Another advantage is that function separately from the device and the end piece of the ball back, so you can get better operating characteristics, better resistance to outside interference ability and ease of installation.

    Leakage and lubrication

    Is worth mentioning that in this new sealing system. It is the seal on the upper side and lower side seal (side seal in the V-shaped slot) composed of the slider a perfect seal protection, and thus the entire linear guide system for a very long service life. In addition, the bolt holes on the rails also available a special cover plate to seal.

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