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the development of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery
2012-07-25 by seoer9

Packaging machinery with the emergence of new packaging materials and packaging technology innovation and development. From the birth of China's four great inventions of papermaking technology for paper packaging generated provide the conditions start to the 1911 German production of automatic forming filling and sealing machine, then the invention of the 20th century, half of new packaging materials, containers, etc. to produce a packaging material and technological innovation to promote and facilitate the further improvement and development of packaging machinery.

The development of packaging machinery for food, modern processing and mass production of drugs to provide the necessary guarantees, if the production process is the internal process of the food, pharmaceutical production and packaging process is the external form. Due to the special nature of drug production, drug orange juicing machine materials to packaging, from the environmental requirements to identify the treatment compared to the food packaging more stringent constraints are more demanding. This makes the pharmaceutical packaging machinery to develop into a relatively independent of the machinery industry.

China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery from scratch, from small to large; from imitation to independent research and development, after years of development, and now China's pharmaceutical machinery industry has begun to take shape, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification years gained rapid development. Growing new products, technical level has been greatly improved, but it is undeniable the overall level of pharmaceutical machine industry in China and abroad, there are many gaps, nearly 60% of the products of less developed countries the level of the 1980s advanced large-scale equipment is mainly dependent on imports, exports less than 5% of GDP, imports and GDP are quite probably, with the developed countries far removed from.

From the product structure, China's packaging machinery is about more than 1300 kinds, supporting a small number, the lack of precision and large-scale products can not meet the market demand. Product quality gap in product performance, stability and reliability is poor, unsightly appearance, surface roughness, and many parts of poor quality, short life, low reliability, affecting the overall quality of the product; poor mechanical properties, most of the accuracy low, slow, poor stability; low level of control automatically the poor, the high failure rate; business conditions, lack of domestic packaging machinery industry leading enterprises, large-scale production of high quality product with small enterprises; from product development, China also essential to stay in the testing stage of imitation, self-development capacity is weak, the lack of research and production base in the trial, the research funding accounts for only 1% of sales abroad as much as 8 percent to 10 percent.

Mechanical design of the packaging machinery, designed with inadequate and did not leave enough space for further transformation, the resulting design can only adapt to a few simple templates suited to packaging machinery, materials, or the change of the template size; another drag synchronization technology mechanical design the motor, servo drive technology do not understand, using a simple electrical equipment to solve problems with complex mechanical devices; mechanical unsightly, people feel stiff, rigid and no vitality. "Conceptual design" refers to: "determine the task, through abstraction, the development of functional structure, and seek appropriate action principle, and combinations thereof, to determine the basic solving ways come to solve the program, this part of the design work is called conceptual design . "Drug packaging machinery of the concept of design requirements at all stages of product life cycle, product features to create the structural design of functional decomposition, as well as function and sub-functions; to meet the functional and structural requirements of the works solving and achieving functional structure works carrier in the conceptualization and powder packing machine design. Conceptual design ideas into the design of pharmaceutical packaging machinery can reduce design errors, shorten design cycles and accelerate product development, design of products is more reasonable, more friendly, highly ergonomic, but it is also to reduce costs and improve the primary means of corporate competitiveness. Medicine charter concept design is a creative process, put forward higher requirements on the designer, the designer needs to master the knowledge of modern design methods, advanced manufacturing technology, theory, business operations. And the need to make comprehensive use of the expertise and rich experience in practice of these disciplines, and by repeatedly thinking, reasoning and decision-making in order to create a distinctive, to meet user requirements, design solutions to.


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