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The innovation of the new drum dryer
2012-06-13 by seoer9
Drying technology innovation is in fact not so mysterious, so-called innovations are improvements in the equipment on the basis of the original technology. If you put aside the original talk about innovation, that innovation, but also the root of a tree in autumn, Ping!
We Henan powerful new generation of drum dryer, the improvement and innovation in key technologies as far as possible, dispersion of materials, heat and material full access. Control of material flow rate and residence time of various regions of the drum dryer at the same time, this relative is more difficult. The following specific interpretation.
The new drying technology innovation is:
First, the use of efficient vertical dryer drying principles and methods were used in the dynamic attempts to prevent vibration of the drum dryer fabric device, the vibration of the flow control device, the rotary paste filling machine  crusher device, inside and outside the ring into the wind devices. completely solve the congestion problem;
The second is a secondary hot air technology and structure;
Adjustable structure. In the past, due to the rotary dryer itself defects in this part of the waste heat can not be efficient use of drum dryer, adjustable structure so that the preheating zone, drying diameter to expand, reduce wind speed, evaporation of larger space at the same time through different forms of grate basin grate cone control the material residence time, play the maximum efficiency of utilization of waste heat;
Four drying detection system through the preheating zone, with drying, drying with the materials of three regional water and gas temperature on-line detection, and automatic balance control the heating capacity of the material, wind, coal and systems, lead the air flow, the secondary hot air distribution and thermal capacity, the material cut-off flow and residence time and other system parameters adjusted to achieve the dynamic of the process parameters of the system to optimize the balance, improve the utilization of the system heat.
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