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How to repair feed particle machine
2013-06-27 by seoer9

Feed pellets making machine maintenance
Before the failure omen:
First, feed particle machine production after the particles uneven the surface of the particles or particles with a lot of excess wound, the issue of the particles inside the blade there is a problem, if the blade is intact production of particle surface is very smooth and almost size are due.
Second, the particle surface is too smooth, it is also a problem, which describes the mechanical hard object is too high, the ring mold compression is relatively small, should increase the compression hole, in the relatively rare phenomenon, rarely encounter this problem , but also the early construction to avoid as much as possible, the first thing to do before the construction of the feed check to see if there is a hard object, etc. This is very important.
Third, the particles of water is too high, often blocking machine, so we try to test the particles after the water during construction, if the water is too high when we have to dry off, or dried in the sun, try to avoid the wet particles when construction this increases the mechanical load, it is affecting the normal operation of the feed pellet machine.
Fourth particle machine mechanical crack, this phenomenon is very obvious, the general feed particle machine this failure will listen to the sound processing, feed particle machine operation when a loud crash, or there is a lot of noise, a phenomenon it indicates that a fault, so we must stop the run to check the small feed particle machine after it is put into use, we often encounter the problem of the quality of the machinery itself, most of the reasons are due to customers super long time put into use due to run the feed particle machine, so we must pay attention to this point.

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