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How to buy a vacuum packaging machine
2012-07-20 by seoer9

Vacuum packaging orange juicing machine
 with anti-oxidation, water, moisture, freshness, extend product shelf life, etc., and thus has a very wide range of applications in the food industry. At present, the enterprises of the country has a lot of production vacuum packaging machine, the uneven quality of products of these enterprises, brought a certain degree of difficulty to the procurement of food businesses. Then, food companies to buy a vacuum packaging machine, you should pay attention to what matters it?
Experts in the field of vacuum packing machines in China, Jiangsu Nantong Teng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Li Guohua, the food industry in the purchase of a vacuum packaging machine, from the quality, suitability, services and comprehensive consideration.
How to buy a vacuum packaging machine
Requires that the machine is equipped with high-quality vacuum pump. Domestic Nantong, Shanghai and other well-known brands of vacuum pumps with better quality. Germany BUSCH vacuum pump is also a good quality pump products.
Electrical components must be the selection of standardized low-voltage electrical manufacturing products, in order to ensure the security, reliability and durability, and electrical control part of the brain of the packaging machine. The whole composition of the control circuit must ensure ease of maintenance and spare parts commonality and standardization. Prohibited the vacuum packaging machine manufacturers to use the national electrical and mechanical departments have been officially eliminated by the old series, the old models, the old standard electrical switches and its components, these components for machine manufacturers and the use of corporate and save some money, but will bring a lot of trouble, such as high failure rate of the machine, the vacuum degree of the poor, life is short.
Machine steel from the material to the thickness must be able to meet the requirements and health standards are frequently used, especially the structure and material quality of the vacuum chamber must meet the health standards of food-grade and thickness, strength standards. In theory, a high-quality packaging machines, manufacturer or dealer at the time of sale, the body parts on the vacuum chamber commitment to long-term "three guarantees", instead of six months or one year service commitment.
The design of the machine should be reasonable, beautiful, and electromechanical products, specialization, standardization requirements, and basic security. Variety of indication signs must be complete, and the key locations marked. The nameplate must specify the equipment number, date of manufacture, technical parameters and implementation of standards.
Performed in the vacuum packaging machine manufacturers standard GB9177-88 standards, the distinction between machine model is mainly based on the design of the machine sealing length (ie, heating the row length) to determine. For example, heating row length of 400 mm of vacuum packaging machine, known as the 400 vacuum packaging machine; heated row length of 500 mm machine, known as the 500 vacuum packaging machine; vacuum packaging and so on, appearing on the market machine models usually have 400, 500, 600, 680, 700, 800. In addition, the market there are many non-standard models of vacuum packaging machines are custom-made according to user requirements.
In addition to the heated row length, the structure of the vacuum packaging machine, there are other more important parameters. These paste filling machine vary with different manufacturers, different brands of vacuum packaging machine. But the naming of the vacuum packaging machine models, but to cover up the differences between these technical parameters. For example, the double-row spacing of 350 mm, sealing length of 400 mm of vacuum packaging machine known as 400 machines; double-row spacing of 450 mm, sealing length of 400 mm of vacuum packaging machines, also known as 400 machines . In addition, the single-chamber-type machine with dual-chamber machines are sealing length to determine the machine model.