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small oil refinery processing cottonseed oil production methods
2012-07-24 by seoer9


Small oil refinery processing cottonseed oil production, automatic cottonseed oil press, the cottonseed small press, centrifugal oil filter.

A fried seeds: put 1/4 to 1/3 of the capacity of the general pot, fry evenly ground looking through the transparent, can not be too much firepower in order to avoid shell-fat coke. Cottonseed in the slot-fry Grilled flat stick barrel, so that the loss of hot steam, cold and easy to sift clean up.
2 sift: artificial screen or fixed screen to weed out the dirt and impurities.
The mill paste filling machine: grinding nowadays expected to be less, to be absorbed without drying, mill speed is fast, so cottonseed easy broken.
Add water: watering with roller roller ring groove, milling, while watering the one hand, turn to seed, so that the blank draft a uniform, consistent pellet packing machine , grind about 20 minutes, until the thin blank is not a group.
5 Steamed blank: powder billet pour a steaming bucket to hand Grilled flat, so that the steam drums breathable uniform billet temperature, consistent moisture. End of cylindrical steam barrel such as Shau Kei antiform, uniform heating, the steamer water level consistent steaming bucket bottom and the surface distance 16 cm or more is appropriate, light a fire uniform.
Package cake: Bakery and Pastry (6) should have a decentralized packet cake to be fast, to be packaged flat tight on the virgin to be focused and fast. Lap pizza, squeeze a thickness of about 2 cm, should be as short as possible to prevent the blank in the heat loss.
Squeeze: virgin when the cake is, adjust the circle and circle, distance, so that the cake hit uneven. Plus tip, until the oil flow is not a line so far. Oil off line, empty squeeze two hours to loose virgin.
Clarification and filtration: crude oil squeezed out impurities. Should be quickly cooled, put it aside for some time and then filtered to avoid the color deepened to increase the refining loss.