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The working principle and application characteristics of the paste filling machine
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    Paste filling machine is using compressed air as a power, precision pneumatic components constitute an automatic filling system, the structure is simple, sensitive and reliable action, easy to adjust and adapt to a variety of liquids, viscous fluid, material hoist thefilling machines set fast

Stirring, the quantitative filling in one of the automation equipment. It uses a the horizontal spiral structure, so that the material swirls down the rapid movement around staggered, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly and evenly mixed materials. The device has a simple structure, easy to use, accounting for

To the small size, light weight, low noise, energy saving, convenient loading and unloading, durable, easy maintenance and other features.

Application of a paste filling machine 

    Paste filling for work in explosive environments, suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticides and special industries, ideal viscosity fluid filling equipment. Automatic error detection and correction system to ensure accurate quantitative and rapid; said

Weight value can be arbitrarily set, automatic weighing, automatic filling; performance is stable and reliable; folder bag system flexible packaging bag clamp shut for easy filling. The operation is simple, convenient, fast, and efficient. Axis, feeding tube use seamless steel tubes, strong

Higher and better stability. For special light fiber materials Stir quickly.

Paste filling machine works

    And got connected to a compressed air supply, air supply pressure 0.6MPa as collusion first load valve in the compressed air main channel. First rotary filling volume adjustment handwheel and observe the indicator window scale to achieve the required loading amount, while regulating suction, discharge speed in order to achieve

The satisfactory filling effect, the amount of mapping filling volume, last amended filling volume. Pass into the gas source to check the sealing surface, adjust the air pressure 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa adjust the fuel into the general action several times, spray a drop of oil can periodically check the injector. Anti-drip

Filling system: filling the cylinder moves up and down, led bulkhead. The upward movement of the cylinder, the bulkhead up, the valve open, start filling materials; otherwise stop filling.

Paste filling machine characteristics

    Stirring and mixing system for material to be stirred, so as to achieve mixing the purpose. Forced fast independent feeding system. Responsible for material force rapid promotion push stirring positions are stirred and mixed. It mainly consists of the feeding mechanism of the horizontal push

And vertical lifting mechanism. It takes a strong push in the vertical force to enhance those special light, ultra-fine, difficult to upgrade the material forced into stirring positions, to achieve continuous and rapid feeding purposes. The agency can fundamentally solve the stirring positions

Backflow overflow phenomena in materials due to shutdown or power outage occurs. Quantitative filling system is responsible for filling the material according to the weight of the value of the customer requirements. It mainly includes: the quantitative filling control systems, entrained system load sensing system. Electronic control

Box responsible for controlling the operation of the entire apparatus, and equipment for the necessary protection.