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China Packaging Machinery landed on the U.S. market
2012-11-27 by seoer9

20 years ago, who would believe that the manufacture of home appliances in China occupies an important position in the U.S. market, and even able to determine the price trend of the global appliance market Today, who would suspect that 10 years after the U.S. packaging market will be a lot of use from in

Manufacture of packaging machinery of the country

Open constantly to create a miracle in the world would feel incredible.

Maybe 10 years to say too conservative, because China is undergoing a process of accelerated development, as a free and open market, the door of the United States has been open packaging enterprises in China. The only question is when to China's packaging enterprises

What way went in, and be successful.

Whether China's packaging machinery to break into the U.S. market, on the one hand, and the technical level of China Packaging Machinery, on the other hand, the morphology of the packaging machinery market.

As a highly developed market liberalization, the phenomenon of "polarization" of the U.S. packaging machinery manufacturers. Test equipment, to detect coding device in the United States on behalf of the small, delicate electronic products developed thriving; shrink packaging machine

Almost all, wrapping machine and the Universal packaging machinery sealing machine mainly account for a considerable proportion of; packaging machinery production line filling machine, labeling machine, capping machine mainly large, the United States has basically not producing market imported equipment, especially Germany,

Italian manufacturers of equipment occupation.

Through imitation, and the introduction of technology and capital, as well as global sourcing, packaging machinery manufacturing level and industrial design standards can be developed rapidly. Packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in China today, it is easy to get some of the key procurement through globalization

Parts, thereby rapidly improve the technical level and reliability of the equipment. If on a high-speed filling machines , labeling machines, packing machines and robot equipment, the Chinese-made machinery Palit, Italian, Japanese products competitive in some technical content

Lower products, China's production of a lot of powder packing machine , has to meet the requirements of the U.S. market, and the most likely to get a breakthrough in the short term. In particular, some of the general-purpose packaging machinery, shrink packaging machine, wrapping machine

Filling machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, vacuum packaging machine, weighing / filling / sealing machine, Chinese-made products cost less than half of the United States, with a strong competitive. The low price is the best knock of packaging machinery to enter the U.S. market

Door brick.