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things to consider in the column strength calculation of hydraulic machine
2012-06-18 by seoer9

A column fracture mostly occurred in the following 25000kN small forging press, according to incomplete statistics, used in our factory 16000kN following forging press has been broken or damaged column dozens of root, while the large hydraulic machine of the column less fracture. This is because of the frequent operation of a small forging hydraulic press, to work fast, small frame stiffness, shaking, causing the column roots are complex. Large hydraulic machine speed is slow, less the number of work per minute, frame stiffness, shaking smaller, column very little damage. So large and small hydraulic integrated oil press column strength calculation should be different.

2, column fracture surface has the characteristics of fatigue failure, but mostly due to repeated tensile stresses large or material defects in the stress concentration caused by crack initiation, and then repeatedly withstand the loading and unloading, the crack gradually extended, leading to the final The whole column fracture.

Column the majority of small forging hydraulic press is broken in the transition site from the thread to smooth District, especially on the nut at the next beam, because the stress concentration, the big moment, for, in order to reduce the stress concentration improvements particularly important.

4, the column is loading, unloading hundreds of thousands, even millions of times before fatigue fracture, rather than as a result of a static load, a sudden rupture. These hundreds of thousands of times the process, the forces vary greatly in terms of forging hydraulic press, working under maximum load and maximum eccentric little. Therefore, must Yat new air purifier according to different technical purposes, analysis of the different load conditions of the hydraulic machine. Some hydraulic machine, according to the maximum load and maximum eccentricity of static load on the column check is appropriate, some hydraulic machine is not fully consistent with its damage, but there is no other better algorithm, only the first According to this execution, there are a reasonable part of it to a certain extent.

For fatigue failure of the hydraulic machine column, of course, the most appropriate strength calculation method is the fatigue design, but is a complex issue related to the fatigue design, the biggest problem is no typical load spectrum. At present, only in this regard to provide some
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ideas with a simple algorithm.