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Particle machine for particles machine
2012-06-20 by seoer9

July 14, FAW-GM Light Duty Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. 's first passenger class of commercial vehicle products --- particles machine at the Changchun International Automobile Fair officially released to market the car is expected gradually to the store sales in August. Aimed at the application needs of the domestic mainstream pickup as a product of the listed models priced at 60550-66550 yuan. Particle machine for particle pellet maker machine for the second and third tier cities, private enterprises and individual industrial and commercial design.

Particle machine match the powerful engine cylinder preheating particle machine, minus 25 ° C to ensure the normal start. The unique particle machine, ventilation, lubrication, cooling technology, so that the particles machine more fully, at the same time ensure that the engine low fuel consumption, low noise, vehicle power stronger, more reliable. Particles machine titanium silver in the control dashboard beautiful fashion, the standard front and rear electric windows, power mirrors and central locking. The wheelbase length than traditional pickup, 100mm, carton board height of 480mm higher than the traditional pickup 100mm cargo box volume more than 20% similar pickup. In addition, the particle machine configuration of four collision car steel beams, three-point seat belts, collapsible shrinkage direction column, power steering, anti-lock braking system, the back door child locks, high brake lights, high-grade velvet interior panels, integrated Crystal Diamond headlights, diamond-shaped fog lights with chrome-plated grille in the network. It is reported that in the general-purpose commercial vehicle product line, mostly high-end light-off and pickup, while peanut sheller truck products in line with market demand virtually no.