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China's food and beverage plastic packaging machinery industry development trend of
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Domestic product of drinking water, carbonated drinks, tea drinks pre-treatment equipment can basically meet the need, low Unscrambler, packing equipment, match products to choose from, hot filling machine, equipment The plant can solve the control equipment in hot-fill environment, such as sealing process. America Star, Jiangsu, Guangdong Tech - Long to solve the problem of aseptic cold filling. But whether it is carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juice or tea drinks, PET bottles, metal cans or Tetra Pak, China with the beverage company's packaging production line is basically dominated by imported equipment.

The packaging of carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi is still the largest variety of Chinese beverage production, albeit slow, but the absolute number is still a large annual growth.

PET bottles are the main form of packaging of carbonated soft drinks. Zhuhai rich and Shanghai Zi Jiang is a supplier of PET bottles of Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola carbonated beverages. The two companies have a two-step method of dozens of sets of imported equipment, focus on the manufacture of preforms, decentralized supply of bottle to the nearest mode of production of the Coke bottling plant. Since the price of carbonated beverage bottles has been completely transparent, so the profit is very thin, bottle companies to win the amount and use of high-speed devices become a necessity. Preform production, 72 cavity injection molding machine has been started. The rich and the the Zijiang two bottle factory also began to adopt a more flexible and pragmatic equipment procurement, equipment suppliers with a different bottle. Increasing the installed capacity of the blowing speed of up to 20,000 bottles per hour high-speed blow molding machine.

Although the aluminum two cans market share is declining, but there is still a certain amount of market. China produced two cans of aluminum enterprises, all foreign-owned enterprises, equipment and all is the introduction of fully automated production line. And continuously updated, the production rate generally improved.

Although Shanghai Po-wing, two steel tank manufacturers, but two cans still dominant in aluminum cans. Currently in the international arena, the United States is still mainly to aluminum cans, Europe tends to the production of steel cans, aluminum cans with aluminum is largely dependent on the introduction of expensive, but the transformation of the existing aluminum can production line for steel Can also requires a huge investment in the two cans of the market downturn, the lack of investment enthusiasm.

Two cans production line because of the technology involved is very complex, extremely stringent process requirements, similar equipment, in particular, is affected by the impact of the downturn in the market, pellet maker machine and equipment development companies is also a lack of enthusiasm for the development of related production lines.

The packaging of tea and fruit drinks

The hot filling tea and fruit drinks is the most important production and filling process. The hot-fill PET bottles, three metal cans, Tetra Pak, is a three packaging in the form of tea and fruit drinks.

Some tea and fruit juice manufacturers outsourcing hot-fill PET bottles, such as uniform; part of the beverage company production of PET bottles, such as Master Kong and Wahaha; part of the beverage company and the bottle business, by the bottle companies in the beverage factory installed blowing, such as Coca-Cola factory in Dongguan. Either way, the equipment of the production of hot-fill PET bottles HUSKY, Canada, France Sidel two-step device, as well as Italy SIPA one-step device.

The hot-fill once the largest source of profits of the enterprise of the professional bottle, and transparent as prices, the price of hot-fill PET bottles in declining profit margins compressed. Most of the enterprises in order to improve the hot filling temperature of the PET bottles, the use of the equipment of the two-step with a company in Taiwan to improve the molding process of the bottle, so that the filling potato peeling machine can be increased to 93 degrees.