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Introduction, structure and use of the pellet mill
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Granulation mechanisms grain fast, good effect, designed a special hole strainer, carefully sieved friction filter rod the tie broken sieve sturdy particles, widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The machine can replace the swing-particle machine, is a new generation of particle device.
The main structure of the granulator:
pellet making machine mainly by feeding, mixing, granulation, transmission and lubrication systems and other components. The course of their work is the moisture content of not more than 15% with the powder from the hopper into the feed auger, by adjusting the variable speed motor speed, the obtain suitable material flow, and then into the blender, stir with stirring rod steam mixture quenched and tempered, if you need to add the molasses or grease, and join with the steam from the mixing tube with quenched and tempered, grease, add amount is generally not more than 3%, otherwise difficult forming after quenching and tempering with the powder temperature of up to 64 to 85 ℃, humidity of 14 to l 6%. Through the chute and then removed after the iron absorption device selectable mixed powder of iron impurities, and finally into the the repression room for granulation.
Feeders: feeder speed motor, speed reducer, auger barrel and auger shaft.
Speed ​​motor is a three-phase asynchronous motors, eddy current clutch and tachogenerator used in conjunction with it with JZT controller, its output speed can be changed by the the JDIA type electromagnetic governor motor controllers.
Reducer: Feeding reducer cycloid reducer, its deceleration speed ratio of 1.10, with speed motor directly connected to the deceleration of the feed auger speed control between 12 and 120 rev / min .
Feeding auger: feeding auger and auger tube, auger shaft and pillow block bearings and other components. The auger played the role of feeding, speed adjustable feed quantity variable, in order to achieve the rated current and yield. Auger shaft can be drawn from the right end of the auger cylinder, in order to clean up and repair.
Granulator range
, pellet mill is a rotating drum swing role through a wire sieve can be wet powder materials research into particles, also widely used for crushing has become the pieces and be ready with the particles.
Research into particles in chemicals used as the wet together the powder after drying for compressed tablets, they can be crushed into a block or block sub-caking chemical process and condensation during storage in food used for processing industrial confectionery and sugar mixture and malt milk and other products in other industries, such as ceramic, plastic and other mixed material into shaped particles.
3, it does not apply for a semi-solid, fluid, pasty or wear use.
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