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Future domestic packaging machinery industry competitived
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The food industry in recent years in China's rapid development, food manufacturers, competition intensified, of course, led to the development of associated processing and packaging machinery industry along. Domestic food packaging and processing machinery, installed in the common technologies and practices

The preparedness has formed the perfect system, but the key equipment and key technologies is still unsatisfactory.
Domestic packaging machinery manufacturers have a professional research and development of few manufacturers, which is the country's inadequacies. But not horizontal labeling machine off efforts in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers packaging machinery metering, manufacturing, technology and performance with good

Achievement, especially beer, beverage filling machines with high-speed, sets, high degree of automation, good reliability. There are food packaging machine technically significant improvement in the emergence of mechatronics, the surge in demand for automated packaging machine equipment,

Various food packaging machinery demand will grow rapidly in the next few years.
Domestic packaging machinery manufacturers working on high-tech, the servo labeling machines high-quality production and reliable service. With the changes in the market, the domestic packaging machinery is also growing in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers to develop rapid, low-power

Future product updates or increase the proportion of the production line of packaging machinery, low-cost packaging equipment direction and with the production of packaging machinery and equipment will rise, in particular, the demand for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry is the most intense.
Packaging machinery is able to complete all or part of the product and commodity packaging machinery. The packaging process including filling, wrapping, sealing and other major processes and associated processes before and after, such as cleaning, stacking and demolition. In addition, the packaging also package

Including process measurement or stamp on the package. Use mechanical packaging products to increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, adapt to the needs of large-scale production, and to meet hygiene requirements.
The development of packaging machinery for food, medicine modern processing and mass to provide the necessary guarantees. Special pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical packaging materials to packaging, from the environmental requirements to identify the processing than the food packaging

More stringent limit conditions become more demanding. This makes pharmaceutical packaging machinery developed into a relatively independent of the machinery industry.
Overall, the majority of our According to the research and development of technology is more advanced packaging machinery is still in the stage of imitation, the independent development of the capacity is still very limited. For this reason, many large foreign companies to own technology and components introduced in China, in the local

Processing, thereby reducing costs, and engaged in a fierce competition with local products.
Our powder packing machine to meet the food needs of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, and actively participate in international competition, it is necessary to break the "small and scattered the industry trend to continue moving forward in the direction of the" sophisticated ". Insiders believe that the next packet

Packaging industry will be coordinated with the trend of industrial automation, diversified technology development toward the mechanical function, and structural design of standardized, modular, intelligent control, direction structure precision.


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