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The use and maintenance of automatic filling machine
2012-11-26 by seoer9

An automatic filling machine filling accuracy adjustments

Filling errors generated mainly by filling volume, the filling speed, the switching speed of the upper and lower valve to determine. Upper and lower valve switching speed and the viscosity of the product, the greater the viscosity, the slower the valve switch.

2. Adjust the size of the valve spring pressure should try filling metering and experience of the operator to determine.

3. Thick whole valve switching speed of adjustment of the valve spring pressure. The spring pressure is increased, the switching speed of the valve.

Second, automatic filling machine safety automatic filling machine for double head liquid filling machine  work objects for liquid and can not be used for other purposes. In order to ensure the production of safe, note the following:

1 The machine is no power setting, the normal 4-6kg gas source.

Removable and washable native shall not direct water to flush the body.

Delivery nozzle overflow phenomenon, according to a security emergency stop switch, ensure that the workshop tidy.

4. Circuitry is simple, one shall be arbitrarily swappable.

Improper operation caused the cylinder to the top can not be returned, please click the button to make the re-scheduled.

Automatic filling machine equipment maintenance

Automatic filling machine the machine body is stainless copper shell, do not use sharp, hard, sharp object to scratch the surface.

In unpick and wash the piston and when you want to remove the upper screws to prevent the demolition of the first one affect the other process requirements.

Piston filling machines before cleaning within the remaining products cleaned, and then filled with a gentle cleaning solution in barrel. If you need soapy water, alcohol or other cleaning fluid.

4 cylinder factory plus good lubrication, do not open or add any lubricant.


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