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Granulator Selection Guide
2013-05-13 by seoer9
1, Picture Machine, double spiral feed
2, the gear box is better inside the gear must be heat-treated, adjustable bearings
3, Gearbox, screw, barrel, head and wear parts to use treated with intensity, life assurance more than 1 year
4, the main components use standard material
5, reducer and motor optional professional manufacturers suit, do not buy pellet making machine manufacturers to assemble their own
6, there must be power distribution cabinets
7, the most critical equipment is better quality screw and barrel
8.wash the feeder must be continuous production, without stopping to change the water, cleaning the pool, or the efficiency is very low
9, heating to sub-sub-heating should be uniform and controllable
10, have a supporting waste plastic washing machine, use of recycled water, do not discharge sewage
11, saving and efficient
12, the aspect ratio of the machine can not exceed 20 (in 16:1-20:1 appropriate, that the length of the screw is 16-20 times the screw diameter)
13, the number should not be 100, the greater the higher the yield
14, to have dual exhaust
15, pellet mill flange (die), the heating power is very important to design per square centimeter (cross-sectional area) 2.5W
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