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Common Fault Analysis pellets making machine
2013-07-12 by seoer9
Recently, pellets making machine sales have been steadily increasing. With the continuous improvement of milling machine users, user feedback is gradually increasing, many issues are installing improper operation, resulting in mill exception occurs, the following summary of the customer feedback information, for those of the more common questions a one to answer.
Particle size is too large is more common case, the product is difficult to meet customer requirements. Due to size there are many who fail situation, mostly analytical engine failure or grinding ring and roller wear serious, if it is newly purchased machine should not be such a situation, the most likely reason is that the motor and grinding powder machine installation gap between cause belt slippage is not a good tune, making mill speed is reduced, the product fineness below standard, properly adjust the belt tension, to achieve proper results.
Cause vibration
pellet mill for many reasons, mainly divided into the following three points:
1, the components are not fastened;
2, the bottom corner of the loose screw cap;
3, shaft bending deformation, resulting in part weight imbalance.
Solution is very simple, a good grasp of remedy:
1, check each part of solid;
2, tighten the screw cap;
3, the replacement of the spindle and carefully examine and adjust the balance.
Milling machine faults have occurred, when we mill fails to make timely treatment to prevent mechanical damage.
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