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of five types of packaging machinery hidden opportunities
2012-07-19 by seoer9

 Domestic packaging market information can be found, the current market demand for packaging machinery have:

A corrugated cardboard, for boxes (boxes), printing equipment

Corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes refer to the box, cardboard boxes, fast food, lunch box, disposable cups, paper mold packaging of such products can be regarded as the leader in the packaging industry, the country nearly ten thousand cartons (boxes) packaging plant, more than a decade domestic circulation prosperous, demand for corrugated cardboard, cardboard (box), printing equipment in short supply. In addition to the large number of daily necessities of life outside of the carton, motorcycles, bicycles are also a large number of cartons. In particular, is indispensable in the daily life of the fruit basket willow switch to cartons for packaging. According to industry forecast, soon, the vegetables will also be extensive use of cartons for packaging. With the further development of the economy, carton packaging enterprises upgrading speed to accelerate to an urgent need for more than 2000mm wide five-story, seven, nine, and high strength corrugated cardboard, cardboard (box) complete sets of equipment.

Second, pharmaceutical processing and straw grinding machine machinery

Variety of processing equipment in Western medicine, especially modern processing machinery and equipment is an important issue in today 's industry to solve the problems of traditional Chinese medicine slice, producer, injection, cream, scattered, pill packaging, an urgent need for a variety of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment. solve the adaptability of the product, support and reliability, especially high-speed, automated, multi-functional packaging machinery, and the corresponding sets of composite powder packing machine materials.

Third, the convenience food production of complete sets of equipment

Mainly convenience food processing equipment, instant noodles, instant porridge, dumplings, steamed buns and other production machinery, represented by its growing demand for products. According to the survey of the domestic market, the direction of convenience food needs: nutritious value, high-end products and tastes. Traditional food processing and the elderly and infant food processing equipment market prospects are equally optimistic about the related enterprises should focus on development.

, Beer, beverage filling equipment

At present, the main brewery about 800 more than the main beverage plant more than 2,000. Beer filling machine focus on the development of an annual output of 50,000 tons of medium-sized filling equipment, appropriate to the development of more than 100,000 tons / year of large-scale beer bottling equipment. People in the industry with particular emphasis on, to develop high-speed, low loss and precise measurement, automatic detection of multi-functional, fully automatic equipment. The drink machine to adapt to "focus on the production of the main agents, dispersing filling beverage direction of development. The development site deployment of beer, beverage, technology and equipment.

Five fruit and vegetable processing and packaging equipment

For fruit and vegetable processing, preservation is an important trend of development, an urgent need for the fruit and vegetable grading technology and equipment, juice technology and equipment of high efficiency, energy-efficient enrichment technology and equipment, wash and pick the fruit, frozen vegetables technology and equipment, and dehydrated vegetables. The development of a significant reduction in fruit and vegetables, grain, meat (aquatic), the loss of eggs and other food ingredients processing machinery, especially packaging equipment, most of the mining controlled atmosphere, Co60 radiation technology and equipment.