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Development trends of the various types of food dryer
2012-08-07 by seoer9

Dry food is to improve food storage shelf life of the necessary measures the performance of the dryer a direct impact on the quality and value of the dry food. In recent years China has successively developed a variety of versatile, high efficiency, low power, adaptable dryer.

Vegetable drying equipment
High-temperature steam for heat exchange, room temperature air into the hot, dry hot air, the temperature above 120 ℃. Cabbage, spinach, garlic, onions, bean sprouts, pumpkin, radish slices, potato chips and other heating and dehydration, the temperature can be arbitrarily integrated oil press. The dehydrator fan with energy-saving and efficient low-noise fan, the automatic discharge of condensate from the trap energy saving materials trough all using high quality imported stainless steel products in full compliance with food hygiene standards.

Superheated solvent steam fluidized bed dryer

By the heater, condenser, coarse filter, fine filter, cyclone, bag two precipitators, solvent recovery filters and other components. When the need to dry wet materials by the pump into the boiling surface of the carrier to form a wet material the film is coated by the hot air and carrier heat transfer, the rapid evaporation of water molecules, drying after the carrier collision crushed into a powder product output. The dryer is the first time closed loop solvent superheated steam as the heating medium in the fluidized bed of inert particles, set drying and solvent recovery in one to solve the contemporary drying technology is difficult to overcome in the field of alcohol-soluble materials can be dried and the solvent recovery subject. Can be widely used in food, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries viscosity of heat-sensitive materials for dry and organic solvent recovery, many users use the certificate, high dry strength, significant economic and social paste filling machine.