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knowledge of particle packing machine
2012-08-23 by seoer9
pellets making machine, particle packing machine, granule packing scale works: When the state run automatically quantitative packing scale, weighing control system open feed door start feeding, the feeding device for fast and slow two feeding methods; When The weight of the material to achieve fast feed settings, stop fast feed to keep slow feed; When the weight of the material to achieve the ultimate setting, close the feed door, through the process of dynamic weighing; folder bag system detects whether the device in a predetermined state, When bags clamping system sends control signals to open weigh hopper discharge gate materials into the bag, the materials put after the weigh hopper discharge door automatically shut down; emptied materials release the folder bag apparatus, bags automatically fall; slit envelope and transported to the next station after falling of the packaging bag. So the cycle runs automatically. Particle packing machine, particle packing machine, the particle packing scale structure: quantitative packing scale weighing units, car, seam package delivery device, pneumatic system, dust removal system, quantitative packaging control instruments. Impact packaging speed and accuracy of the key components of the weighing unit, which includes storage silos, gate, cut feeding device, scale body, folder bag device, brackets, electrical control devices. Storage silos buffered silo for material reserve and to provide a nearly uniform flow of material; shutter is located at the bottom of the storage silo when the equipment maintenance or failure for the material blocking within the storage silo; truncated feeding device from the hopper, material door, pneumatic components, qi door in the weighing process, providing fast and slow two feed its fast, slow to feed material flow can be adjusted individually, in order to ensure quantitative packing scale to meet the measurement accuracy requirements and speed requirements; role for the balance of the qi door weighing in air pressure within the system; Scale body mainly by weighing bucket bearing brackets and load cell composition, complete weight to the electrical signal transformed and transmitted to the control unit; The device folder bag folder bag body, pneumatic components, the role of the clamping bags and all materials weighed after falling into the bags; electrical control device by weighing display controller electrical components, control cabinet, the role control system work, so that the whole system at a pre-set program, and orderly work. pellet packing machine, particle packing machine, the particle packing scale features: 1, LCD digital display is simple and intuitive, packaging specifications continuously adjustable transform any working state, the operation is very simple; 2, with a fast and slow for feeding choose, quasi-quantitative, high precision; 3, has said the measure set, store, modify functions; 4, zeroing and auto zero tracking function; 5, with a cumulative total packaging weight and number of bags display function; 6 with process of weighing, unloading and folder bag interlock control function; 7, with automatic and manual tare function.