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sand dryer Why use firebrick do feed inlet
2012-06-12 by seoer9
Sand dryer Why use firebrick do feed inlet?
Firebrick is a high temperature, compressive strength, corrosion is a special brick. Why in the dryer on it, why should I feed it?
The original did not use firebrick, but because the traditional sand dryer briquette machine manufacturers in china inlet is often made of iron rotatory dryer, in the long-term high temperature, corrosion, it is easy to decadent, broken dryer equipment. Not only affect the drying effect, and likely to cause safety hazards. Not to mention the feed inlet, once damaged, the repair is quite cumbersome. Thus, the later practice of the invention of firebricks instead of iron feed inlet. This has many advantages.
1, the feed inlet, brick masonry, brick almost to the outer edge of the dryer all covered, dry nose is not easy to be burned and deformed
This masonry protection, fire and heat can concentrate to go to the middle, to eliminate the phenomenon of air leak, leak, making the inlet air drying for better result.
Refractory bricks of this practice soon followed to promote open, now basically the drying equipment of various manufacturers have adopted this.