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home vacuum packaging machine running process
2012-07-09 by seoer9

A vacuum: the vacuum chamber lid, vacuum pump and vacuum chamber vacuum paste filling machine bag while the vacuum, vacuum gauge pointer rise, reaching the rated vacuum (control by the time relay ISJ) vacuum pump to stop working, the vacuum stopped. In the vacuum work at the same time, two way solenoid valve IDT work, heat sealing chamber vacuum hot pressing frame remains in situ.

2, heat sealing: IDT off the outside air through the upper air intake into the heat-sealing the chamber using a vacuum chamber with a heat seal between the chamber pressure, heat sealing the air chamber inflates, it on the hot pressing frame shift, press and hold the pocket; heat sealing transformer, start sealing; At the same time, the time relay the 2SJ work, a few seconds after the action, heat sealing the end.

Return air: two two-way solenoid valve 2DT through the atmosphere into the vacuum chamber, vacuum gauge pointer back to zero, hot rack rely on the reset spring return, the vacuum chamber openings.

Cycle: the above vacuum chamber to another vacuum chamber, into the next process, about bedroom alternating, ad infinitum.

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