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packaging machinery control technology to the development of new directions
2012-07-17 by seoer9

Like most technology, the machine control technology in the development process, have also experienced the twists and turns. From the history of simple but a huge control system, developed to a small multi-function control system, organic combination of mechanical, motion control and communication systems.

Initially, the first generation of packaging machinery applications in the field of wood shaving machine- Dubbed with Gen1, the structure is very simple, purely mechanical. By a motor-driven linear axis rotation, and to generate power through the cam. The programmable logic controller (PLC) control system, the structure is simple, direct control of the machine by the operator. In most cases, there is no human - machine interaction technology (HMI).

    After the second-generation packaging machinery. This technology was born ten years ago, packaging machinery still drive shaft drive, but the structure is more complicated, because by the servo motor to control speed, so you can give directions to some special action, but also more complex PLC can programmable logic controller. Indeed, the tunability of the second-generation packaging machinery better, but this advantage has to pay a higher fee. These costs include the line layout, PLC programmable logic controller input / output (I / O) devices, these devices large and complex, there are more sensors and process control, and even include the more peripheral equipment; for troubleshooting and handling more difficult.

Now the third generation of packaging machinery, the integration of the so-called "machinery and electronics concept, the use of servo systems and simple mechanical devices to perform complex actions. Vendors to pursue objectives are: cheaper machine, work faster, better performance, small footprint, so according to the changing needs of the new technology introduced is not surprising.

The third generation of packaging machinery, was born four years ago, the development focus to a single box control technology, the logic of the PLC functions and I / O device, if necessary, but also can be equipped with HMI technology, and even Ethernet and network communications system to facilitate the inter-enterprise communication. Previously, second-generation packaging machinery needs an encoder and programmable limit switch (PLS) to determine the servo position. Now the third generation of orange juicing machine machinery has the sake of the I / O devices, servo control system within a single processor, when the servo system is in place, it will have a sensing action and send a signal via the bus, start any one need the process.