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packaging structure
2012-07-19 by seoer9

The packaging structure design directly affects the processing in the form required for automatic operation and material transport. The structure of the product / packaging size, shape, material and weight will determine the end of the operation of the structural design of programs and automatically effective load demand. With complex shape characteristics of the packaging structure design, such as oval-shaped containers than standard round or square package with a more difficult orientation problems. Orientation needs to increase the complexity of the system, careful study and analysis should be processed prior to the implementation. During filling boxes, the automatic operation of the robot end generally provides a process, that is able to seize a sufficient amount of product, one-time filling a complete boxes. In this way, the automatic operation the moving distance as much as possible to reduce and maintain a conveyor or production line products for the road.
    2, the production throughput
     The main driving force for the promotion of orange juicing machine design automation is that the production of total throughput. The faster the line speed, automatically grasps and classification of devices to help reduce the work load automatically, follow the package standard automatic may be the less. The line speed will not only affect the processing products, automation equipment, also have an impact on the labeling operation and visual inspection. In order to achieve an effective visual detection technology, must be shown several related issues. Including: part graphic consistency, repeatability, detection, transmission speed consistency (such as production lines fluctuations) need to complete a number of detection and appropriate software programs. These factors highlight the impact in the form of a visual system and cost. As a general rule, if the number of detection of the more video running faster, which would lead to more complex and more expensive structure. When the combination of video devices and auto bodies into one, the entire automatic can be for a consistent and reusable package orientation and show.
     3, labor or human factors
    The operation of automated packaging equipment is the result of effective cooperation between management, engineering and production departments continue exchanges and interaction to create and All relevant staff and technical departments must be set in a close unity of the collective - the collective in accordance with the joint action of the formulation work process-the same goals as the driving force, embodies a kind of cohesion in a strategic manner.
    Automated system of project management
    As mentioned earlier, the best automation structure of the program is always based on the complete process of good design. This requires a certain level of management projects, this project is to ensure that all relevant issues have entered the final design. In the development of an automated program, we must first build a good team. The team should include representatives of various departments in the packaging process - procurement, investment, quality assurance, engineering, production, logistics, health, safety, management, and coordination with the seller's system. Internal and external users must form a partnership. For example, system-wide coordination managers must become part of the collective. Seller shall become part of the packaging quality management process. In this way, everyone is to formulate a clear requirement, able to follow these requirements, and to evaluate and correct irregularities. Followed by the norms and requirements of the development of packaging systems.
    These constitute the main framework for the development of a detailed system design. The best way is to work together with the seller, to create a functional design specifications, making it at the same time meet the requirements of the company and the seller both. The specification should be detailed to determine the indicators, such as running speed and detection methods, but not to achieve the specific hardware or software model. Expert or coordinator to participate in the input, may cause excessive specification will restrict design innovation and technological development. Clear expression and understanding, a good specification will enable a process and project on the target and can be used as the start of the paste filling machine process.