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How the filling machine under the above atmospheric pressure for filling machine
2012-11-15 by seoer9

liquid filling machine  filling principle can be divided into pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine; wide range of applications, can be applied in many industries, has long been in the Wine production processes.
Pressure filling machine in the atmospheric pressure by the liquid DeadWeight filling. The type of filling machine is divided into the timing of filling and constant volume filling two, only applies to filling low viscosity gas-free liquids such as milk, wine.
Pressure filling machine for filling is higher than atmospheric pressure, can also be divided into two types: one is equal to the liquid storage cylinder pressure and the pressure bottle, by liquid weight flows into the bottle and filling, called etc. the the pressure filling; another liquid storage cylinder pressure

Higher than the pressure of the bottle, the liquid by pressure into the bottle, the high-speed production lines using this method. Pressure filling machine is suitable for filling liquid containing gas, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne.

The vacuum filling machine for filling in the bottle below atmospheric pressure;
This filling machines is simple structure, high efficiency, and viscosity to adapt to a wide range of materials, such as oil, syrup, wine, etc. can be applied.
The general process: equipped with bottles of boxes stacked on pallets and sent to unload the pallets from the conveyor belt, the tray one by one remove the box with the conveyor belt sent to the unloading boxes machine, remove the bottles from the box, empty containers sent by the conveyor belt crate washer,

Clean, packing machine is transported to the next, so that will be filled with a beverage bottle into which. Disinfection and cleaning of the bottle washing machine, bottle inspection machine inspection, in line with the standards of cleanliness remove the bottles from unloading boxes machine, fed by a conveyor belt into the filling machine

And capping machine. Bottled beverage filling machine. Loaded beverage bottles after capping machine stamped sealed and transported to the labeling machine labeling stickers, ready to label boxed and sent to the packing machine and then sent to the stack tray dryer stacked on pallets into the storehouse.