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Use of feed particle machine tips
2013-06-07 by seoer9
In order to solve the problems of pellet making machine is in use, it is hereby concluded many years of experience in the production of feed particle machine, and combined with user feedback, use the tips as follows.
Change the feeding, uniform feeding. The benefit is smoother mechanism particles allows the particles to keep the machine speed operation. Users can buy the machine to buy a feeder, convenient and provincial human.
2 Select the appropriate template aperture. Some users use the aperture is too small, often yield is low, or even no material phenomenon, purchase particles when asked in detail about the sales staff should be equipped with the template of how much aperture.
Adjust the gap between the template and the pressure roller. Appropriate pressure enables the degree of maturation of the particle density to achieve good results, regulator screw on the feed particle machine, the pressure on both sides adjust the balance screw and tighten.
4. To maintain particle machine clean. Use often do not pay attention to keep the particles machine clean, which speed up the life of a pelletizer, so pay attention to keep the particle machine clean.
5 Note butter on a regular basis, plus lubricant. Regular cleaning template, add the butter can improve the efficiency in the use of the machine.