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screw press oil at room temperature cold pressed technology
2012-07-26 by seoer9

In developed countries led by the Nordic countries rapeseed peeling room orange juicing machine cold pressing its inception in 1996, the rapid development of cold-pressed-oil, oil light color, the phospholipid content is extremely small, vitamin nutritional factors has not been high-temperature destruction, and able to maximize the preservation of crude oil without complex refining, the only physical filter can be consumed, known as the "green nutrition oil. Almost all rapeseed country of origin in the efforts to study and practice of this technology.
The screw press has produced rapeseed, peeling rapeseed Ren, peanuts, basil seed, walnut, cottonseed kernel and other oil at room temperature cold-pressed process technology production practices have been successful.
Into its virgin raw materials index: kernels containing skin 5-8%; moisture content of 8-10%; Union oil content of 43-44%.
Use cold-pressed Model: SSYZ50 type,
Processing capacity :45-48t expected / 24 hours
No-load load 45-16A
Residual oil in cake: ≤ 16%
Squeeze the screw press in hot walnut oil yield up to 92%; cold state press its first crush peanut cake residual oil fluctuated between 7.2-16%, mainly because of the cottonseed seed skin and The water content of the raw material oil.

Cold pressed rice bran oil, process-related reading: processing technology, food processing, rice bran oil

Process rice bran → screening → heating insulation Run material mechanical agitation of the water → → → to make cakes → crush → finished product
Production Method 1. Screening: broken rice, bran tablets and other impurities sieve net, so that the pinching hard heart. In particular, in addition to the net broken rice. Because of broken rice in the main component of starch, absorb water when steaming expansion into a sticky paste and squeeze when you plug the tubing, lower oil yield.
(2) warm water: plus 50 ° C warm water 3 to 4 percent.
(3) Mixing: stirrer per minute 480 to 500 rpm. Stir 10 to 15 minutes, the temperature rose to 54 to 58 ° C.
4 insulation Run material: Method There are two, a warm steam pipe so that the whole shop floor insulation; another pressing machine insulation. The use of timber and other pressing machines closed to prevent the cake temperature loss in order to maintain the required temperature. Practice has proved that the room pallet wrapping machine maintained at 30 ℃, can improve the oil yield to the pressing machine insulation method. Heat for 30 minutes, 56 to 58 ° C temperature, moisture was 13.5 to 13.8 percent.
5 to bake a cake crush: each cake weighing about 2 kg, into virgin moisture to about 13.8 percent is appropriate.
Crude oil filter: squeeze out of the hair bran oil contains a cake powder impurities, 60 mesh filter. Filter when the oil temperature at 80 ℃ is appropriate.