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Characteristics of the cold-pressed rapeseed oil and refining
2012-07-29 by seoer9

Unfiltered cold mustard seed crude oil, contain high levels of moisture and impurities, muddy appearance, plus a small amount of filamentous mucilage, which may be undenatured protein, mucus quality, sugars and other substances.

Through the production of experimental right, not peeling the rapeseed direct cold oil extraction in a number of quality indicators and integrated oil press dehulled rapeseed cold extract oil or less, while equipment investment and production costs can be substantially reduced.

      The low temperature of cold-pressed, phospholipids, pigments, etc. are difficult to enter the oil, so the cold extract oil color is lighter, the phospholipid content is low, simply by the mechanical filter, without any chemical refining can be achieved by new GB four oil standards. Oil acid value and peroxide value of the level of raw material freshness, a serious spoilage or deterioration of rapeseed unsuitable for the production of cold oil extraction.

      As the cold pressing process, the various components of rapeseed not change significantly, it does not produce secondary pigment or cold oil extraction of the pigments are natural pigments, combined with low phosphorus content in the cold oil extraction, so The cold oil extraction is particularly suitable for high temperature decolorization. We will be filtered cold oil extraction directly into the physical deacidification (deodorization) system operating peanut sheller were as follows: residual pressure from 60 ~~ to 120 Pa, temperature 265 ° C, the filler type deacidification (deodorization) tower, the oil temperature was cooled to 35 ° C, proceeds of oil quality