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small oil press equipment
2012-07-31 by seoer9

The oil press is by means of a mechanical force, the role of oil from oil squeezed out of the machinery and equipment. I produced a new type of hydraulic press with stand-alone electricity is very small, covering only a few square meters, and connected with a computer controller to achieve the automation of the production. The kinds of screw oil press press and long service life advantages, the flavor of the oil produced is concentrated in the general oil press, can not afford to Mo in the consumption, widely welcomed by consumers. Zhongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. developed automatic hydraulic press, only one person operation, and not to be professionals, efficiency is greatly improved, virgin net 50 minutes from the oil into the machine, a virgin net, fast . Equipped with a temperature control design and to ensure that the fuel oil yield, and electrical installation is more humane, open automatically, automatically stops. Simple, safe and reliable. The host structure is reasonable, attractive appearance, small footprint, durable, oil press history of a breakthrough reform. The oil press in addition to a variety of vegetable rice huller crushing outside the animal oil pressing, the pressing of the clay off of a variety of chemical raw materials, oil, dehydrated, off the juice off the liquid and other functions. Domestic traditional hydraulic press, the general operation of the three people and experienced technical staff to go through the package stack, the stack, the entire stack. This process down, use two to three hours to complete. Time and labor. The Company produced the series of automatic hydraulic press, the main processing peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, tea, walnuts, sunflower, castor bean, sesame, rice bran, corn germ and other oil crops. The loss compared with other oil press, oil and cake, with stable performance, easy to operate, durable, good quality oil.