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Packaging machinery industry is facing a huge crisis of development
2013-01-11 by seoer9

Recent years, the domestic packaging machine industry, the rapid development of China's packaging machinery industry, compared to any previous time has been great progress, but we should see the knowledge behind the rapid development of the industry as a whole people have been

Packaging machinery industry can begin to realize that there is a huge crisis. The largest of which is rooted in the technological innovation capability of China's packaging machinery industry as a whole is not strong, and the machining accuracy of the equipment is not very high, so these are further

Further weakening the competitiveness of domestic products and equipment design and industrial design are not nice enough, and so these are the development of China's packaging machinery industry vulnerable and have been not been effectively resolved. The

To a variety of problems, no doubt relates to the packaging of the product sales particularly affected, and the degree of product packaging effect will be more and more attention, and continue to accumulate in the packaging industry in the development process Some of the contradictions and

The problems the industry to unprecedented development state and at the same time there is also relatively packaging machinery has brought greater opportunities and challenges.
From 2006 to now, China's dairy industry has been an unprecedented development, but occurred during a series of large-scale dairy safety event affects consumers nervous moments, and the industry has also begun to self-reflection, from price

Grid concern slowly began a successful transformation, and slowly began to take shape in the application of technology as the main direction of development, dairy development and began to continue towards a new level. Relatively speaking, with which is closely related to the packaging machine industry

A variety of devices are beginning to become more and more advanced, and also began packaging machine products more and more and more new products are constantly, such as: the emergence of the ultrasonicliquid filling machine can effectively prevent the filling machines the bacteria loading process in rem

Material contamination. Liquid packaging machine can quickly packing bags liquid.