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Particle-related national standards announced
2012-06-25 by seoer9

2008 Notice No. 21, the National Standardization Management Committee issued a number of national standards, including standards related to the particle block forming machine is as follows:
No standard code standard name instead of the standard implementation date of 1GB / T 12238-2008 flange on the clip to connect the elastic sealing butterfly particles machine GB / T 12238-19892009-07-012GB / T 12239-2008 Industrial particle machine metal diaphragm particles machine GB / T 12239-19892009-07-013GB / T 13927-2008 Industrial particle machine pressure test GB / T 13 927-19,922,009 07-014GB / T 8464-2008 iron and copper particles machine connected particles door GB / T 8464 - partial replacement of 1998: GB / T 15 185 19,942,009-07-015GB / T 22652-2008 particles confidential cover surfacing technology assessment 2009-07-016GB / T 22653-2008 liquefied gas equipment with emergency cut off particles paste filling machine 2009-07-017GB / 22654-2008 steam hydrophobic particles machine technical conditions