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Developed machinery plant, wood pellet machine introduced
2012-07-01 by seoer9

Time :2012 -01-05
 The wood pellet machine there are two concepts,

First, wood or waste wood, logs, wood pellets machine crushed into small particles of about 1mm-3mm, such particles are irregular, generally used in the sawdust board, particleboard, fiberboard, polishing materials, new energy-efficient brick, etc. .

Wood chips or sawdust-like material pelleting machine compressed into a small spherical particles, generally forming paste filling machine diameter of 10mm-20mm, wood pellets are used in the bio-energy fuel, or Boiler fuel use;

Developed machinery factory production of wood pellets machine scrap wood, twigs, bark, plate scraps, raw bamboo, roots, stalks of plants such as disposable crushed into wood pellets the size of the particles inside the screen to adjust the main rack, cutting devices, grinding devices composed of large-scale wood pellet machine with induced draft fan; cutting installations cutter, blade composed of the cutter is steel castings, blade alloy steel durable; crushing equipment hammer, crushing chamber, shaft, wear plate, screen composition, the blade cutting the material will again crushing hammer; small wood pellet machine, such as 400 and -700 type of wood pellet machine induced draft fan this device.

Want to buy a small wood pellet powder packing machine, it is necessary to choose according to your purpose, Our factory is specializing in the production of wood crushing equipment manufacturers, production of wood pellets machine belongs to the large wood to smash into the kind of wood pellets, small footprint, practical, good quality, factory direct, affordable, movable production is a modern wood smash particles environmental protection and energy saving equipment.