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Isa continue to add new skills to the development of energy sector
2012-07-02 by seoer9

Founded in 1904, Issa, the scope of its business, including hand-welding and cutting equipment, welding automation, welding materials, and cutting systems. After 100 years of development, has become a leading global provider of welding materials, welding equipment and advanced cutting equipment manufacturers and suppliers. According to Issa company in the world with 35 manufacturing enterprises, in 2008 global sales of nearly £ 1.3 billion, of which China accounted for about 3%.

Held in April during the World Nuclear Industry Exhibition, the world's largest welding equipment companies "Focus on the nuclear particle orange juicing machine
- welding technology of nuclear power and Materials Symposium held in Beijing a total of one hundred particles from the Issa energy industry machine I attended this meeting to share the company's development plans in China, as well as the latest products and technology.

From around the world "will be the company's technical force gradually shifted to China," said Issa in China Marketing Director Mr. Lu Zhongyi, the company's energy development strategy, the focus will shift to the Chinese market. "

The Issa global energy industry manager Mr. Marcel Stemvers, with the meeting, first announced by Isa energy industry's latest products and the latest technology. The new 3rd generation, two-wire device has just come out in 2009 based on based on the original two generations, launched to the Technical newer challenges. This equipment uses double-sided tracking technology, the wire angle between the electrodes is narrowed down to 15 °, and maintain the flux is uniform between the electrodes, the air-cooled torch has better heat resistance and durability. Equipment to increase the recording parameters of the function, will produce more convenient.

China's nuclear power to enter a new stage of rapid development, has become an important part of China's energy strategy, the future, ESAB will be key markets of energy development strategy shifted to China.

HNG double wire narrow gap welding head

HNG double wire narrow gap welding head design for parallel or approximately parallel connector wire pairs (DC / AC or AC / AC) welding, beveling the narrowest width of 18mm, depth up to 350mm.

The HNG double wire narrow gap welding head to meet the requirements of high-strength materials automatic welding process, provide precise control of all welding parameters to reduce the welding time, and to ensure the quality of the welds. The HNG double wire narrow gap welding head applies to high-intensity, continuous operation of the working conditions - in the welding of the workpiece preheating to maintain a higher accuracy and durability.

Technical Description

The HNG double wire narrow gap welding head design is equipped with flat welding nozzle. The swing of the nozzle Pneumatic three position cylinder, conduction from the cylinder to the nozzle and through the shaft system. Swing amplitude through the nose the upper part of the screw adjustment. The wire end with the groove side wall between the lateral offset distance, as well as the distance between the two wires (vertical) can be adjusted upon request.

The wire feeder with the Isa famous A6-VEC worm gear drive motor. Each wire are equipped with two-way school-wire devices, two-dimensional displacement angle of 90 ° each device is equipped with 5 straightening wheel, the position can be positioned according to specific requirements.

The flux hopper Al-Si alloy, the capacity of about 10L hopper in the flux transport by the aerodynamic flux valve control. Hopper with advanced FFS flux conveying system (including flux storage tanks) to match the flux storage tanks installed in the bearing device.

Hopper above the OPC flux recovery on behalf of Issa's an improvement, the device is made from special heat-resistant paste filling machine can be added to the preheated flux.

The welding head is equipped with an independent joint tracking system, respectively, to achieve horizontal and vertical direction of the connector track. Vertical direction with the spring-loaded rollers, while the horizontal direction of the connector track through the spring-loaded slave.