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feeder structure and basic knowledge
2012-07-05 by seoer9
 NC feeder is the abbreviation of Digital Control (Computer numerical control machine tools), is a equipped with the automation of process control systems. The control system logic to handle control codes or other provisions of symbolic instruction program, and decoding, so that the action of CNC bending machines and machining parts. The use of CNC feeder, now is the electronic age, many companies have opted for a more efficient machinery and equipment to increase productivity.
The most complex in the CNC machining, CNC milling up to the issues to be addressed. In addition to the outside of the CNC milling CNC wire cutting, CNC EDM, CNC turning, CNC grinding, CNC programming their own characteristics, the role of the servo system is the pulse signal from the CNC device constructed of CNC Feeder
Converted to the movement of the moving parts. Specifically, the following components: the structure of CNC feeder.
1, the auxiliary device
The index of control feeder necessary supporting components to ensure the operation of CNC feeder, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, and monitoring. It consists of hydraulic and pneumatic devices, chip conveyor, pallet, NC rotary table and CNC dividing head, and also includes the tool and monitoring detection devices.
(2), drive
He is the executive body of CNC feeder drive components, including the spindle drive unit, feed unit, the spindle motor and feed motor. Under the control of the CNC device by electrical or electro-hydraulic servo system, the spindle and feed drives. When several feed to the linkage, you can complete the orientation, the processing of line, plane curves and space curves.
3, the host
He is the main body of CNC Feeder, column, spindle, feed to the agency and other mechanical parts. He is used to complete a variety of paste filling machine
 mechanical parts.
Programming and other ancillary equipment: Can be used outside the machine parts of the programming, storage, etc..
4, numerical control device
NC feeder of the core, including the hardware (printed circuit boards, CRT monitors, key boxes, paper tape reader, etc.) and the corresponding software, enter the number of the part program, and complete input information storage, data transformation, interpolation operations and achieve a variety of control functions.
A CNC Feeder Computer NC control system, more user-friendly design suitable for a variety of pieces of metal feeding and correct. (2) for continuous punching processing in a variety of hardware, electronics, appliances, toys and automotive parts, feeding correction, accurate and durable. Native full-imported servo motor of the day, the electrical box of electronic components and controllers, low failure rate, long life. 4, the wheel chrome-plated, high-precision, very durable. 5, roller leveling machine with feeder placed on the same machine platform can reduce feed the whole usual error, to achieve high precision requirements, easy to install and does not occupy the space. 6, can be arbitrarily set the length of the feed, easy operation, high security and stability, will flatten to facilitate the material into the wheel in front of the reel. Motor driven arm binder device allows material does not loose. Optoelectronic materials arc control system can be highly efficient and simple feeding; rack motor adopt frequency conversion motor drive, feeder synchronization. NC feeder definitions and main functions: punch CNC Feeder, mechatronics, automation equipment, and general press, Deep Throat punch or gantry punch supporting special auxiliary, widely used in the screen, canning, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, hardware and other industries of the stamping process. Equipment, preparation of a color display, adapt to the harsh environment of industrial computer controller, multi-channel input and output interfaces, high torque motor, highly reliable drives, precision ball screw, high-performance straight-line rolling guide can meet the various requirements of the stamping process. . ISO international standard NC code programming, programming, popular easy to learn, to meet a variety of stamping processing software features, AutoCAD drawings can be automatically generated machining pallet wrapper for processing, in order to achieve a true sense of the automatic programming process can be adapted to different industry needs. The main function of this machine: 1, two-axis, the number of independent two-dimensional coordinate movement control. 2, the precision screw drive servo motor control and locking. 3, can be manually fast, slow-moving and incremental movement. 4, the absolute coordinates and relative coordinates of hybrid programming. 5, screw backlash software compensation. 6 decimal data input. 7, using the ISO international standard NC code programming. , Call, modify, delete, insert, and other editing functions. 9, empty running self-diagnosis, error procedure. 10, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, wrong phase protection. 11, the breakpoint to continue processing functions. CAD graphics are automatically converted to processing code. 13, able to control the punch turned off and on.