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varieties of the China Food and Packaging Machinery products lack the 30% -40%
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Packaging machinery, low-level redundant construction industry product upgrading and innovation has already constituted a barrier, to think of ways to solve. But only through market regulation and strengthening its downstream industries - the supervision of the food industry to achieve the natural elimination. The experts believe that the future development of the packaging machinery market in China will show the following features:

First, the technical content of packaging machinery is increasing. Some of the existing packaging machinery products technical content is not high, and abroad has many advanced technology applications in integrated oil pressmachinery, such as long distance remote control technology (including monitoring), the stepper motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology.

Secondly, the packaging machinery market has become increasingly monopolization. China currently has a certain scale and advantages in addition to the corrugated packaging machinery and small packaging machine, packaging machinery almost to the fragmentation and scale, especially the market demand complete packaging production line, several are in the world packaging market Packaging Machinery Enterprise (Group) monopoly.

Finally, the packaging machinery parts production specialization. International packaging industry attaches great importance to improve the general ability of the packaging machinery processing and packaging systems, packaging machinery parts production specialization is an inevitable trend of development, many parts are no longer produced by the Packaging Machinery Factory, but by some common standards plant production, and some special parts from the production of highly specialized manufacturers, really well-known packaging machinery factory assembly plant. Products to the multi-function with a single, high-speed polarization of development. The ultimate role of packaging machinery to improve production efficiency and product diversification.

Low-level redundant construction affect the industry

According to incomplete statistics, within the industry about 1/4 of the corporate existence of the phenomenon of low-level repetitive, there are about more than 1,000 enterprises in the low-level repetitive production.

Relevant experts believe that the greatest impact of these low-level mechanical products on the domestic food and packaging machinery product market. Those grades, the technical content of potato peeling machine products due to higher costs, the price is relatively expensive compared at a certain disadvantage in the market and the low level of mechanical products, low-cost, good product but not compete with low-level products, such market environment, if long-term can not be improved, will not be conducive to the upgrading of the industry as a whole.

In addition, these low-level mechanical products are generally only applicable to small-scale production, low investment cost, to create the conditions to the manufacture of counterfeit and shoddy food producers. Batches of fake and shoddy food and drink from these properties, short life, the poor mechanical stability and reliability of the continuous flow of the market, not a small hidden to the consumer market. For example, some of the more junior of the filling and capping machinery health conditions can not be guaranteed simply can not be achieved before sterilization or aseptic processing of dairy beverages, manufacture of dairy products and beverage shelf life to achieve their demands, or even just produced did not meet the health requirements can not be drinking. These dairy beverages is basically occupied the small towns and rural markets in central and western regions of China the majority of lower income, and because of the inexpensive, low-income welcome, and poses a potential hazard to the health and safety of the people.