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Excessive moisture. Drying materials, why
2012-06-12 by seoer9
brick making machine after drying excessive moisture, what is the reason?
Described before for this reason, the first to add a little knowledge: we usually refer to the water is wet basis moisture. Water two representations of the moisture of dry and wet basis moisture. What is that reason is?
There are usually two reasons, the product water exceeded mainly related to wind speed and temperature.
A hot air temperature is low and difficult to understand. Into the air or the appropriate adjustments to the intake and exhaust temperature is a way to solve the problem. The experienced drying equipment operator should be able to change according to changes in climate or wood grinding machine manufacturers
 in a timely manner to adjust the operating system is always in efficient working condition.
2, low wind speed caused by the excessive moisture of the main solution method is an appropriate increase in gas velocity. Very easy. Generally has a rotating part of the dryer equipment endoscopic observation from here if you do not produce gas velocity on cyclone. Operation instance recommend this speed 0.5m / s or so.
3, another reason is the exhaust temperature is too high, the need to said said. General exhaust temperature is higher than the product temperature of about 10 ~ 30 ℃, if the exhaust temperature is high and the product temperature must, it is sensible with their feet can want to understand the thing. The solution is to control exhaust gas outlet temperature.