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Quantitative automatic powder packaging machine
2013-04-24 by seoer9
The aircraft spiral to feed automatic quantitative packing machine suitable for pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary drugs, additives, detergent, salt, monosodium glutamate, and other small and medium size of the powder material quantitative packing.
Product Features:
(1) the use of the double helix feed, servo motor control, high precision and speed.
2 and material contact parts made ​​of high quality 304 stainless steel, non-polluting.
3 .. simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean.
4 .. operation is simple, convenient and easy maintenance.
A small dose of powder packaging pellet making machine:
The powder packing machine for a small dose of quantitative packing machine, for quantitatively small package of powder material in the chemical, food, agricultural and other industries. Particularly suitable for quantitative packing machine for more expensive products.
1, microcomputer control parameters are adjustable and can automatically correct the error;
2, easy to use, not subject to production constraints of the site;
3, good corrosion resistance, non-contaminated material;
4, 304 stainless steel material contact parts, in line with food, medicine packaging standards.