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Powder packaging machine performance advantages
2013-04-26 by seoer9
1.  Particles in pellet making machinethe packaging speed and length of the bag within the rated range stepless adjustment, no need to replace parts. The length of the bag through the packaging machine controller digital setting, driven by a stepping motor to pull the bag, the length of the bag easy to adjust the length of the bag is accurate, stable and reliable operation.
2. Heat sealing device with four heating control, heat sealing temperature can be pre-set, automatic temperature control, ensure good heat balance for a variety of packaging materials to ensure that the pocket Seal tight, smooth and beautiful.
3. Color printed on the packaging material, the use of high-quality photoelectric switch (electric eye) detection and positioning control, packaging products complete logo. (The intelligent positioning optical color control system, which is capable of automatically exclude the effect of interfering signals caused due to abnormal color patterns and poorly printed packaging materials, stable and reliable.)
4. Automatically print packing the finished product batch number or production date.
5. In each bag finished cutting easy tearing mouth, easy for consumers to use.
6. You finished packing bag width is changed, you need to replace the bag with the former.
7. All parts in contact with the packaging materials are made ​​of stainless steel or non-toxic materials, in line with the hygiene standards of the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.
8. The press of a button during powder packing machine, can automatically complete the operation, the operating speed, efficiency and speed.