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Plastic vacuum packaging machine to the new trends
2012-06-14 by seoer9

The vacuum packaging to protect products from environmental pollution and extend the shelf life such as food packaging, can improve the value and quality of the product. Vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. Since 1950, polyester, polyethylene plastic film successfully applied to the packaging of goods, vacuum packing machines will be developed rapidly. The rate of high-efficiency vacuum packaging machine from a few pieces per minute development to tens of thermoforming? Filling? Sealing machine productivity up to 500 / min or more.

    In people's lives and work areas, a variety of plastic vacuum packaging everywhere. Lightweight, sealed preservation, corrosion, rust plastic vacuum packaging throughout the manufacturing and metal processing plants and laboratories in many fields, from precision products from food to pharmaceuticals, knitwear. Plastic vacuum packaging applications is increasingly widespread, and promote the development of plastic vacuum packaging machines, but also put forward higher requirements. Of vacuum packaging technology and equipment development trends is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

    Automation of production: vacuum packaging paste filling machine automation not only improve production efficiency, but also has the advantage of safety and health. Produced in Japan TYP-B series rotary vacuum chamber packaging machine is a very high degree of an automated multi-station packaging machine. The machine has two filling and vacuum turntable, filling turntable 6 station, completed for the bags, feeding liquid injection pre-sealed, and packages sent to the vacuum turntable; vacuum turntable 12 stations (vacuum room), to complete the process of pumping vacuum and sealing the finished output production efficiency up to 40 bags / min, mainly used for packaging of soft canned food.

    Stand-alone multi-function: a stand-alone multi-function, can easily expand the scope of use. Stand-alone multi-functional modular design to complete. Through the transformation and combination of different functional modules, production for different packaging materials, packaging, mouth, vacuum packaging powder packing machine packaging requirements. Representative products are Germany, BOSCH HESSER plant belongs to the production of multi bag vacuum packaging machine can be set bag, weighing, filling, vacuum sealing and other functions into one, convenient and quick.