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Developed machinery on the factory straw feed particle machine Features
2012-07-03 by seoer9

The past, straw feed processing into powder, mix feed fed, there feeding inconvenient, poor palatability, livestock picky eaters, low utilization of defects. With the advent and popularization of new small particles of mechanical convenience of the powder feed processed into feed pellets. These small particles of feed processing machinery may be lighting electric power, powder feed by high-temperature gelatinization discharged from the die hole pressure roll extrusion granulator, you can easily adjust the size of the particle size, its structure simple, suitable for feed mill is equipped with the rural farming peeling machine and small professional.

Now I plant characteristics of the production of feed particle machine introduced:

I plant stalks the characteristics of the feed particle pelletizer:

● Stainless steel shell, durable

● can be equipped with lengthen or multi-conditioner

● feed stepless speed regulation, to facilitate feed

Straw feed machining into feed pellets has the following advantages:

(1) particle formation process enables the grain, legume trypsin boycott factor degeneration; to reduce the adverse effects on the digestion, can kill the parasite eggs and other pathogens; reduce a variety of parasites and digestive system diseases.

(2) the production process in the mechanical pressure, the temperature can reach 80 to 10 ° C, to make the feed of starch to a certain degree of ripening effect, resulting in a concentrated flavor and feed texture hard to meet the pig, cattle, sheep of the rodents chew on the biological properties, to improve the palatability of feed, easy to eat.

       (3) to facilitate feeding, high utilization, easy to control the feeding amount, saving feed, clean and sanitary. Especially fish, feed pellets dissolved in water is very slow, will not be flooded by the sediment can reduce waste.