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of fluidized bed drying equipment manufacturing competition
2012-08-08 by seoer9

Regional focus of performance problems and technical innovation capability in two ways. Centralized distribution companies in the industry on the basis of most manufacturing enterprises in China's drying equipment industry to gradually produce early enterprise, the relative concentration of the orange juicing machine, the staff structure of the serious defects. So far, mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Liaoning, black, accounted for 50 percent of the industry as a whole, almost the total number of these enterprises, while in sharp contrast with this, some areas do not exist in China drying equipment manufacturing providers. Highly competitive industry, some companies focus on immediate results, without any system development, improve the overall quality of the slow progress, which seriously impedes the normal development of the industry. Technology development is not strong since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, China's economic growth potential has been tapped to the shortage economy of supply and demand fundamental changes in the initial formation of a buyer's market.
Pressure on the buyer's market, some companies in the market to catch up, rather than to find and develop new markets, corporate focus on the needs of the market in the near future, a more mature product. Therefore, in the oven, vibration fluidized bed dryer and other products, manufacturers are more focused and more competitive. Drying equipment industry engaged in the development of small enterprises, new products, and introduction of new products mainly to imitate each other. Recommended the development of advanced technology, improve product quality in China drying equipment and developed countries in the world, there is a gap within the same industry. The current market, low-tech products.
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Drying equipment, also known as the dryer and dryer. For the drying operation of the equipment, by heating the wet material (generally refers to water or other volatile liquid ingredients) vaporization of escape, to obtain the specified moisture content of solid materials. The dry is a need for materials to use or further processing. If the dry wood in the production of wood mold, wood products can prevent deformation of the ceramic blank finished drying before calcining two drying screw oil press can prevent cracking. Other dried materials are also easy to transport and storage, such as the harvest of grain drying to below a certain moisture content to prevent mildew. Natural drying can not meet the production needs of the development, a variety of mechanized dryer more and more widely available.

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