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Liquid filling machine and broad development prospects
2012-11-09 by seoer9

With the rapid development of social life, our drinks wine output reached 2878 million kiloliters, up 8.2%. The experts pointed out that China's beverage industry is a high-growth industry, stable growth of mature drinks, new hotspots and growth points

Emerging, faster-growing emerging drinks. At the same time, the packaging machinery in China has developed into the world's liquid food industry has a significant impact on the industry and great market share. Thus, the good prospects for the development of liquidfilling machines market.

Of liquid filling confidential to meet the needs of the rapid development of the packaging industry, it is necessary to break the "small and scattered industry trend to continue moving forward in the direction of the" sophisticated ". The industry believes that the future with the industry since theliquid filling machine 

Automation trends in technology development towards the diversification of mechanical function, the structural design of standardized, modular, intelligent control, the structure precision direction liquid. Filling machine for the modern processing of food, medicine, and a large number of

The amount of production to provide the necessary guarantees. Which once again proved a huge market potential for the development of liquid filling machine.

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