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Vacuum packaging machine selection skills
2012-12-10 by seoer9

Choice of vacuum packaging machine is very demanding, choose a good vacuum pellet packing machine , can save a lot of trouble in the production process for the future, so summarize the following optional skills:

1, the purchase, packaging solid particles relatively dry and non-corrosive materials, the choice of aluminum alloy, while packaging with soup, salt, materials with high acid ingredients, you can use stainless steel or aluminum-magnesium alloy. Seals are generally

Silicone rubber, black rubber, a small number of low-end products, foam rubber, silicone rubber, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing and long service life, poor sealing foam rubber, easy to fall off, life is short.

Electrical components must be chosen specification low-voltage electrical products manufacturing enterprises, to ensure the safety, reliability, durability, and electrical control part of the brain of the packaging machine.

3, the appearance of the whole machine designed to be reasonable, beautiful, and comply with the requirements of professional standardization of machinery and electronic products (or vacuum packaging machine), basic security, complete various prompts signs shall be marked in the key position, the nameplate must indicate equipment

Number, date of manufacture, technical parameters and implementation of standards.

4, when the optional equipment by technical personnel with certain electrical and mechanical knowledge to observe the model you want to vacuum packaging machines, and equipment to carry out a wide range of understanding, beware just from appearance sorter practice.

Market vacuum packaging machine cassette vacuum powder packing machine , desktop vacuum packaging machine, single chamber vacuum packaging machine, suction vacuum packaging machine skills or a lot of the time of purchase, and to keep their eyes open to find quality good vacuum packaging



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