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The ball mill FAQs approach
2012-12-17 by seoer9

The ball mill is used frequently asked questions and approach:

, And always will be a large number of problems in the use of the process of the ball mill beneficiation equipment. The Xinhai mechanical use of their own advantages, ball mill production, research and development of mineral processing equipment to collect customer information and customer. And for these

Given the appropriate technical solutions. To this end, the Xinhai machinery and equipment the Inquirer technology group summed up some of the very broad question and the corresponding answer.

First, how to determine the ball mill speed.

Depends on the speed of the ball mill grinding media in the state of motion of the cylinder body, when other conditions remain unchanged. The state of motion of the medium, the grinding effect is not the same. ① ball mill speed is low, medium spilled off the movement more effective than shock

Small, grinding role for grinding, ball mill production capacity, suitable for fine grinding; higher ② ball mill speed, medium into the falling proportion of the movement pattern increases, the role of a strong impact, grinding role to impact Lord, grinding stripping Secondly, favor

Pulverizing the coarse material, a ball mill and high production capacity. Thefilling machines factor of the ball mill is different, the useful power reaches a maximum when the required speed is not the same. paste filling machine the higher the rate, in order to guarantee the innermost ball in Paola sports require the speed of the ball mill

Higher, in order to make a useful power reaches the maximum value, so that the ball mill having a maximum productivity.

Second, the judge ball mill bulging belly.

Ball mill main motor ammeter indicates the current declining; classifier overflow started "running rough", the gradual increase in the amount of sand back in, the overflow concentration, coarsening; 3, ball mill to mine end pulp out spray; 4, ball mill operation sound

Dull sound, smaller noise, barely audible steel ball impact and spilled off the sound; 5, froth flotation agent role disorders, mineralization blunts. If this problem is necessary to consider whether the ball mill bulging belly and shadow

Rang the progress of the work.

Third, the ball mill steel ball ratio problem.

Different ball mill model the assembly of ball. For example MQG1500 × 3000 ball mill (handling capacity of 100-150 tons) of ball 9.5-10 tons. First to add a big steel ball ball (120 mm and 100 mm) accounted for 30% -40%, and accounted for 40% of the 80 mm ball -

30%, accounted for 30% of the small ball (60 and 40 mm). Why the running-in process of ball mills Ball add only 80%, because the ball mill is installed, the ball mill size teeth need to mesh handling capacity (the amount of ore) is to gradually increase until the ball mill is normal even

Continued running two or three days, and stop the ball mill Haka size of the gear mesh until everything is normal, open the ball mill, the manhole cover second add the remaining 20% of the steel ball.

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