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New appliances you moved back home May 1st etc.
2012-06-26 by seoer9

Old household electrical appliances at home that the new ones, the new look of the house is waiting for additions to household appliances ... if you like is a demand, may wish to take advantage of the 51 small holiday venue and appliance stores and enjoy the brightest vendors carefully "home appliances to cook dinner , new appliances fully moved back home. Today, the newspaper reporter you recommend some home appliances new, best-selling products, ready for your purchase of General Staff.

Hisense fresh sector, multi-door refrigerator

1, six six-zone, food.

You more fresh.

2, advanced dual-refrigeration cycle system

System, the fruits and vegetables high moisture fresh

3, two-way cycle intelligent humidification Department

Light system out of the wind cooling rapidly air-dried.

Health titanium cube, efficient

Sterilization in addition to taste more healthy

5, imported Toshiba variable frequency pressure

Shrinking machine, efficient preservation of precise temperature paste filling machine.

6, the number of user-friendly design, science

Technical care of life: air-cooled without any cream, box

Within the clean without the need to defrost; Ice Room

Automatically without manual ice; various parts of the refrigerator can be easy to dismantle

Installed, easy to clean; stainless steel, fingerprint-proof panel, easy to scrub.

Enjoy Hisense Yu, DC inverter particles machine

1, the industry's first DC inverter of 360 ° particles machine: the world's leading 360 ° DC inverter technology, integrate Hisense inverter particles machine 12 years of technology research and development the essence of the industry's first 360 ° whole DC inverter particle machine.

2, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) highest in the industry: Guiji, hang all beyond the national level, energy efficiency, which the hang KFR-28GW/FZBP energy efficiency up to 6.30.

3, the ground-breaking cold and warm double airflow diversion control: change the drawbacks of the past, only local cooling (heating) and the cold wind blowing straight body. Summer top-down cold air, not blows to the body; winter heater bottom-up, the warmth rising from the soles of the feet.

4, By-Pass bypass defrost: to overcome the drawbacks of the ordinary particles machine defrost stop heating.

Five domestic groundbreaking I-Speak live voice sound truly "man-machine dialogue; open the Voice sound system, operating the various functions of particle machine can be synchronized to hear the wonderful human voice audible to the elderly high myopia, children and other special populations, a more convenient user experience.

Siemens vacuum zero pelletizer

Vacuum preservation concept based on the concept of the sub-zero refrigerator, a vacuum environment to further inhibit the reproduction of bacteria in the food, to achieve a "zero" plus the "vacuum" double fresh, again significantly extend the time of food preservation. The experiments show that the salmon into the vacuum zero refrigerator 14 days after the bacterial content of which is only in a normal refrigerator 1/140. At the same time Siemens Variety zero refrigerator configured with remarkable efficiency dual compressor valve, and enhance the full 35% of its cooling efficiency than an ordinary refrigerator. Also because there are strong so the efficiency of the compressor valves and high cooling efficiency, Variety Zero refrigerator according to the different needs of consumers, the free conversion of frozen, refrigerated and sub-zero preservation room.

Mitsubishi Electric particles machine

1 large refrigeration, heating system. Such as YE, SYE series, 1.5P models without auxiliary power heating up to 5600W, cooling and maximum up to 4200W.

2, the color appearance of luxury atmosphere. SYE hang series.

3, the full range of inverter particles machine uses the new R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, not only has an excellent environmental performance, the heat transfer area also improved, greatly reducing the condensing temperature, compressor valve less power, has a higher energy efficiency.

4, MOVEEYE dynamic ground temperature measurement system to solve space uneven temperature, hot and cold temperature problems.

, R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant; ultra-high SEER; 12 meters long-distance air; a full range of three-dimensional air; high-performance compressor valve motor "keel"; industry-leading quiet; strong cooling / heating system.

Panasonic Inverter Alpha series washing machine

New inclined drum washer and dryer. Variable frequency Alpha series, a breakthrough to bring the Alpha Wash and Alpha drying out of the old routine of the traditional beat washing clothes washed uniform rate to increase substantially at the same time to bring energy conservation, sterilization, Mute, wrinkle-free and a lot of humane science and technology innovation. Equipped with a pole frequency conversion of a landmark new Dual-DD30 direct drive motor, not only greatly increased the precision and stability of the roller operation, washing the whole quiet as a library, but also washing efficiency increased significantly, a substantial energy saving. Double sterilization power of Panasonic's innovative light silver double sterilization technology, play a hydroxyl (OH) + silver ion (Ag +), rapid sterilization, a real laundry health.

Hisense blue media series of LCD TVs

Either through wired and wireless Internet technology to achieve docking with the Internet resources they can use the wired and wireless Internet technology and PC, home audio-visual equipment to achieve the shared LAN resources, the rich network of multimedia content, large-screen flat-panel TVs, high- clarity, presence and other advantages, constitutes the shared home multimedia entertainment center. At the same time, the use of the maximum user-friendly design, friendly interface, simple to operate, fully embodies the characteristics of the network applications of home appliances. By clicking on the "e" logo on the remote control can be relaxed on Sina, access to real-time network information, a daily update the Sina legitimate online music. The first time, read the Flash format playback, built-in vivid the En children educational software and puzzle game.

TCL MiTV Internet TV "

As the first online video download LCD TV MiTV Internet TV is known as the "next generation Internet TV, the original audio-visual video download feature, TCL MiTV video off the download engine" to provide users with online movie surfing pleasure . Users only through a router with Internet access lines on the network will be able to automatically download audio video, 2M bandwidth can reach 200k / s download speed.

PCLINK functions unique to TCLMiTV Internet TV, through the LAN settings can be shared on TV video video resources in the computer directly to play, the family sit together and share moved and joy. In addition, TCLMiTV Internet TV with back office systems to the automatic update feature.

Bosch humidity space on the refrigerator door

As consumers increasingly high demand for quality of life, how to attain the greatest possible food storage water to maintain moist and fresh food, become a major issue in the refrigerator refrigeration industry.

Recently, some readers into the hotline, how effective is the preservation of the open refrigerator? Reporters learned from industry experts, consumers tend to only see the style of the refrigerator door, not knowing that the current round robin on the refrigerator door to door refrigerator duct dual cycle design reasons, the cooling system evaporator at work will air in the condensation of moisture on its surface, making the freezer exceptionally dry, serious food dehydration. But the technical difficulties have a solution. It is reported that Bosch home appliances is the first to introduce the Bosch and humidity space on the refrigerator door, close to the humanity of innovative digital technology and accurate and rigorous process to re-define the future trends in the refrigerator - to maximize their indoor humidity of the refrigerator, thus firmly locked The food in the water, to ensure that the fresh taste of the food and nutrition is not lost.

According to reports, to the maximum extent to reduce the moisture loss of food, The Bosch humidity space on the refrigerator door and innovation using the parallel dual-loop cooling system, the evaporation temperature of the refrigerated to 0 ℃ and, greatly reduce moisture condensation in the evaporator, and a very less ice. In the water "throttling", Bosch's intelligent loop replenishment can be achieved when the freezer is not working, intelligent variable speed fans continue to operate on the water in the evaporator and then blown back to the cold storage room, called the Intelligent the replenishment of the "open source".

Parallel dual-loop technology platform, the use of dual circulation of the double circulation of the cooling system and wind Road, freezer and freezer refrigeration system is completely independent, to ensure food odor, while achieving the intelligent distribution of the cold, intelligent variable speed fan in the freezer ensure the freezer no temperature difference between the upper and lower, more uniform temperature. In addition, humidity, space on the refrigerator door is loaded intelligent control technology to make operation convenient humanity, control, precision and meticulous.

Tips: buy on the refrigerator door, see whether this important components of the solenoid valve to distinguish whether the most advanced parallel two-cycle technology on the back of the circuit diagram. Reporter Zhao Ping Wang Lu

Capacity of the original sound ecological preservation of the refrigerator

Have to include the discrete multi-cycle technology, together

United Nations energy star refrigerator technology, colorful photosynthetic raise fresh technologies, Victoria C raising fresh magic treasure "technology, the temperature self-induction technology, the world's refrigerator industry, cutting-edge technology, the competitiveness of the high-end refrigerator market is tough. Rongsheng original ecological preservation of the refrigerator BCD-279WYM not only the application of the above leading-edge technology, unique dragon mirror appearance, highlighting the noble cultural taste.

Kelon particles, Exquisite Beauty series

A unique dragon mirror appearance, highlighting the noble cultural taste;

2, the composite light of colorful fresh, enjoy the original ecology;

Patent discrete multi-cycle technology, independent temperature control, independent close; of Vc raise fresh magic treasure, inhibit ethylene, deodorant, moisturizer;

4, ultra-efficient compressor valves, power consumption as low as less than 0.6; five straight cold wind combined with refrigeration technology, preservation, and more powerful.



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