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Ring mold particles machine
2012-06-28 by seoer9

  Be familiar with the series of ring die, because a large number of feed companies at home and abroad use the ring mold granulation. Do feed raw materials are refined sawdust dryer, such as corn, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, adhesion rate, the other before pelleting with steam conditioner, you can advance the role materials play a softening, ripening, in order to better granulation, and the gloss of the particles. Crude fiber such as straw, sawdust, etc., itself bonded to low, it is difficult to shape, and if as a fuel particle, the density of need, so a lot of pressure to achieve the density of the particles, invisible to increase difficult. Ring mold particles machine in recent years, renewable energy only gradually on the rise, currently on the market to promote the fuel particles are evolved to do the feed ring mold machine, so there are still a lot of choke disease wants us to improve, So now generally do not ring mold for biomass fuels.

The plant also produces straw pellet cassava dryer, feed particles and organic devices.


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