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Yantai made by Canton merchants favor particles machine queuing order
2012-07-12 by seoer9

During the trade fair, independent research and development products launched by the tobacco enterprises, not only to European and American businessmen heart, which is also Nigeria, Ecuador and other emerging markets, purchasing large have orders, some enterprises in order to attract more than 30 countries and regions, more than 80 overseas particles machine queuing .

    Volcanic ash block the European and American businessmen

    Two Fair opening on the third day, the feedback from the exhibitors first-line, by the Icelandic volcanic ash, European part of the flight is not returned to normal, part of the old European particle machine to cancel the Fair trip.

    The Yantai pavilions, told reporters that the participating enterprises, this has been prepared, such as copying a large number of Enterprise Products CD-ROM, ready to express to the hands of the particle machine. Some of the old particles also said that even miss the Canton Fair, they will look at the goods directly to the factory of Yantai.

    Detergent sold for Jamaica

    Show the first day, a production of detergent Yantai enterprises is particularly eye-catching. In an appearance at the fair, with particles paste filling machine scene in Jamaica signed the order of 460 tons. Spending habits for the African market, the company introduced 30 g of packaging products to many African particles machine took orders only Ghana a particle machine orders on the spot of 8 cabinet.

    At the same time, the company for some detergent orange juicing machine in Korea, the introduction of the 1 ton bags of washing powder, easy to particle machine for home packing. Fair Korea five companies on the spot this year, 5-8 orders signed with the monthly total to ensure that more than 1200 tons.

    Reporter yesterday call Yantai pavilions, the company has signed with the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria, Kuwait, Ecuador, more than 30 merchants site $ 5 million in orders also are interested in more than 80 new particles machine to establish contact with family exports to benefit significantly. The company official said, further follow-up communication, new orders.

    CNC equipment Chushoubufan

    Canton Fair, Longkou a CNC equipped with a private enterprise is the first time participants, but products using proprietary CNC machining from the accuracy of the product to reach the top before the booth, there are many particles machine made it clear that interest in their products .

    Singapore's buyers speak, should the qualified product testing, they will sell the product to the aerospace field, "the person in charge of the Yantai Pavilion, said Singapore businessmen about the company's new products - high-grade pneumatic sleeve connector optimistic about this product is independently developed CNC lathe milling machine production from foreign for such products in the same grade are mostly purchased from Japan, and other domestic plants using conventional processing technology is affordable products, if replaced CNC products can replace the similar products in Japan.

    This reporter has learned, has been carried out, they had received from home and abroad in Russia, Ukraine, United States, Argentina, Malaysia, South Korea, Turkey, Singapore and Indonesia, more than two hundred people. (YMG reporter Meng Xianchen correspondent Yang Li Chang)




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